Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Striped Blazer Named Molly

I have always been a fan of monochrome and blazers so when I saw this picture of Kelly Rowland wearing this Givenchy striped jacket I was enamored. I knew I had to have it (not the Givenchy one ooo). I have been creating looks featuring the jacket in my head for ages and even went on polyvore to create a striped blazer look. I've dreamed of wearing it with a dress, clashing the striped print with another print, wearing it with shorts etc.

Remember the polyvore creation from the 4th? Well liked I promised yesterday I decided to allow life imitate art by trying to bring the creation to life. I made a mental checklist of what I already had and what I didn't have (my blue pumps are in Nigeria and I do not own a red Birkin bag so the only other viable option was to borrow).  One good thing about having sisters is the fact that you have access to an almost limitless supply of stuff, a quick rummage in my sisters closet (while she was safely at work) sorted the red bag issue out and I had to make do with my silver-tipped black suede pumps.

I think the striped blazer is an investment buy as stripes hardly go out of fashion (unlike some of the prints we're rocking this season), it's also looks grown up, classic and timeless. I would like to pair it with a floaty white dress or wear a denim shirt with it and this white skinnies.

River Island white high-waisted jeans

Another idea I have is wearing it with this seasons neon or pastel coloured jeans! I wore it with blue jeans and a bright yellow silk top once and it looked great. 

Jasper Conran striped blazer

Another thought is smashing the monochrome stripes against another print as pictured below on wendyslookbook (click here to view her full post)

I like how she used similar non dramatic colours and balanced it all with those white shorts. Very classy.

My first ever duck face

metal-tipped pumps

Like I said earlier, I did a casual chic look some weeks back.  I just love the versatility of this blazer.  It just hangs so beautifully well in my closet, numerous times during the day I just open my closet just to sneak a peek at her. Maybe I should call her Molly.....

Casual chic look

Thanks for all your comments and emails. Ojay thank you for your comment (surprise surprise you're not the only one who knows what watermarking means)


Fashion Credits:

Blazer: Jasper Conran (Debenhams)

Vest: Next

White Skinny Jeans: River Island

Bag: Michael Kors

Watch: Moschino

Shoes:  Vegas

Casual Chic Look
Yellow Silk Shirt:  M&Co

Skinny Jeans:  Tommy Hilfiger

Flats:  Office

Hat:  Next

Glasses:  Chanel

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lazy Wednesday Afternoon


This set was created by me on polyvore.  Instead of lying in bed and daydreaming on clothes I may never own (God moves in mysterious ways though....), I just go to Polyvore and create stuff. This couple of weeks has seen me wearing denim on denim, sheer tops and converse. Frankly I cannot be bothered to get glammed up as I have been having a very slooooooooow mooooooonth hence the lack of posts.  I hope to get out of the funk I've found myself in and continue my blogging duties. Today is my nieces graduation (from nursery school), I think I'll bring one of the polyvore set I created to life (see Naval Snob of 4th July.....striped jacket, white jeans, blue shoes and red bag). Would definitely post pictures from the event (I forsee a tearjerking afternoon, even the hardest of hearts would melt watching the little ones graduating)



Casual Wednesday Afternoon

Team Pastel

The Neons