Sunday, May 26, 2013

Denim vs. Denim 2

For work last Friday I decided to wear denim on denim, thankfully I work in an office where the dress code isn't too strict so it wasn't really a problem.  

This isn't the first time I'm doing a denim on denim post though, decided to do another one now that I have a clearer camera.

Got these sandals from Zara that I'm currently obssessed with,  one shopping rule I live by is 'if you like it, buy it in another colour' so yours sincerely got another pair in blue (watch out for it in my next post).

I'm sure by now my regular readers know how much I hate heels (ok I don't really hate them, for some reason I just can't walk around in them all day like 'regular' folks) but this sandals are soooo different 'cos they're uber comfy and don't make me waddle like a penguin on slippery ice.

The back of the sandals has this gold detail that gives it an extra o la la.

The metal tip at the edge of the collar on the denim shirt and style of the breast pocket gives the shirt that western feel that I really like coupled with its medium wash.  To give an illusion of being slimmer opt for a pair of jeans in a darker wash than the top.

To make a butt look more.... compact....smaller.....or maybe pert wear a pair of jeans with lower pockets to draw attention away from a wide behind (*cough*)

One great thing about this look was that I didn't need to change for after-work-cocktails, I just opened one more button on my shirt, put on lip gloss and my false lashes and I was ready for TGIF!!

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Fashion Credit

Denim Shirt:  Oasis

Jeans:  Tommy Hilfiger

Sandals:  Zara

Bag:  Prada

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Moody Monday

I own one of the most comfortable pair of trousers on the planet! Yes I say this with pride cos it fits amazingly well, well tailored, it's in a colour that is to-die-for and most importantly it was a total bargain!  Infact it was a steal! Like everyone around me knows, I'm not too grand to admit that I scour the sales rack for bargains....why pay a tenner when you can score the same item for a fiver? I usual go for items that are classical and won't go out of style the next season (I don't thump my nose at trendy things!  If I like it I just buy it....).

H&M pants

These pictures were taken last Monday when I was sure my boss wasn't in the office so the photo shoot was done in a mighty rush so excuse the picture quality.s

Zara Blazer

Back to the pants at hand (well on legs to be exact), I get all sorts of compliments when I wear it and I'm trying my darnest best not to wear it as much as I feel like so it'd last longer and yes I handwash it too (don't get me started on how many times I've kicked the washing machine for shrinking, bleeding or stretching beloved item of clothing).

River Island blouse

 The colour of the pants is kinda orangey peachy and my ass looks pert and less wobbly in it.  

I wore it with a cream cowl neck silk blouse, a dark blue blazer and nude shoes.

Zara nude shoes

Fashion Credit

Blazer:  Zara

Blouse:  River Island

Trousers:  H & M

Shoes:  Zara

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Black Pleather

Hi guys,
For reasons I cannot explain lately I've been drawn to the colour black. Could I be drawn to it cos of the slimming effect it gives (yeah I think I've piled back the pounds I lost early this year) or its sense of mystery......Maybe it's me trying to seem invisible and blend in with the crowd.

The dress featured in this post is to die for as it's bang on trend, it's got the peplum thing in leather (not real leather though..more like pleather).  The dress is sooooooo sexy and classy at the same time as it just hugs the curves in a good way and is just the right length.

For more ommph I added a skinny mock red snake skin belt

I had a couple of meetings yesterday and have learnt from experience how cold some clients offices can be so I threw on my trusty leopard print cardie.

I always advice people to plan their day ahead and dress accordingly, if you're going to be jumping from office to office, place to place all day make sure you wear comfy shoes, nothing screams desperation and unsexy than a girl hobbling painfully around in six-inch plus heels that pinch and trying to keep a straight-face.

Last but not least I put on a genuine smile and with a defiant flip of my weave I was ready to face the day! 

Fashion Credit
Dress:  Dorothy Perkins

Belt:  Primark

Shoes:  Aldo

Cardigan:  Zara

Last Friday Blues.....

 Hi all,

Being uber busy with work so haven't had time to do posts.  Kinda miss blogging so I decided to do three quick posts with no words just pics and fashion credits!  Hopefully I would get more free time next week.....

p.s. Forgive the low picture quality, still saving up for my Nikon t3i.....

Fashion Credits
Top:  Zara

Jeans:  Tommy Hilfiger

Pumps:  Zara

Bag:  Zara

Scarf:  Versace

Glasses:  Chanel