Friday, June 14, 2013

Current Obsession: Zara Sandals (the blue one)

 Hi All,
Sorry haven't posted anything for a while now (my girl stylefash25 had to holla and check my blogger pulse to make sure I hadn't gone to that dark place where bloggers go and never return, I think I'll call that place BLOGONE).  I have been really busy these couple of weeks as the not-so-new-job is becoming more and more tasking as I'm being entrusted with more responsibilities and stricter not to mention shorter timeframes to submit deliverables.  Enough of shop-talk, lets face the reason why we're thats why!

Remember the red Zara sandals I wore in my last post? Well I got it in another colour (a good example of my if-you-like-something-buy-it-in-different-colours rule).  I decided to buy the blue one and if I'd seen a green pair I would have snatched that up as well!!!!  

Zara blue sandals

My pedi doesn't look as dodgy in real life!!!

Zara blue scarf print shirt

 I know I've done a post with this outfit earlier but I just wanted to show my own take on how to rock these sandals

Good ol' four eyes!

Thanks for stopping by, apologies Berry and Style25 and co for not doing the Liebster blog award post, it does require a lot of thinking (slow gears in my brain at the moment) hence the delay! I'm currently on it!


Fashion Credit

Jacket:  Forever 21

Skirt:  Zara

Shirt:  Zara

Sandals:  Zara

Bag:  Zara

Smile:  ALL MINE