Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Red Hot Leopard

Best Halloween Costume Ever!

Happy Halloween People!

Guess everyone knows today is Halloween which is a great time for folks to dress up in the most creative, weirdest, outrageous and sometimes senseless outfits.

Unfortunately, I won't be playing dress up but if given the chance I'd love to dress up as Jessica Rabbit (pictured below) complete with red hair, dress and gloves!  That would shock quite a few people I know (*cough*).

Jessica Rabbit

My best halloween costumes were worn by these two pictured below.  They showed by at a gig as Chanel 2.55 and Birkin bags!  I absolutely love it!  Talk about making a fashion statement!!!! I wonder where they got the costumes from..... 

Kimye made a 'splash' dressed up as a mermaid and sailor at a halloween party

Diddy and his main squeeze Cassie dressed up as Prince and Cleopatra

If I was having a halloween party and invited you what would you come as?


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lagos Jump(suit)

Hello everyone, I'm sure a lot of people are not happy the holidays are over and it's back to the good old grind.  I had a sweet nice time this holiday and Manchester United's 3-2 defeat over Chelsea was the cherry on the already iced cake.

I decided spend the day with my friend Angela after days of cancelling and rescheduling the visit.  She told me to pack a swimsuit and swimming cap as the plan was we were going to swim and lounge by the poolside drinking watered down margaritas.  Well for people that don't really know me, Bex doesn't get into the pool for anyone. I'm very short-sighted and can't swim with my contact lenses or glasses on can I?  I bet if I liked swimming I'd have gotten prescription swimming googles.. Aside from the annoying loss of vision thing there's also the hair thing, now black chicks know what I'm talking about, you don't want to get into that chlorinated water with your one-month-salary worth of extensions now do you?! Swimming caps don't look like they can cover everything IMO.

I decided to wear something in my wardrobe that I haven't worn in ages and I found this jumpsuit that I think I don't wear as often as I should.  What I love about it is the fact that it's wide legged and the cream and white contrast is awesome.  The bottom bit is black (to make the badonkadonk look smaller and perter) and the upper bit is cream with ruffles and a respectable V-neck which shows just enough cleavage. 

I wanted to look casual and allow the jumpsuit be the focal point of the ensemble so I accessorised as minimally as possible with flat gold sandals, a cream chain strap bag and a brown and gold belt. 

Angie and I spent the afternoon gisting, laughing and eating. Last week, I cooked a pot of Oha soup that was soooooo delicious that I felt Angie had to sample so I went to hers with a whole bowl of it. Being the foodies that we are, we polished off the whole bowl with two massive plates of Eba in no time (our excuse? We both love cooking and eating African food and cos we are both gluttons).

I left Angie's stuffed and happy.  Maybe we'll have have an Okazi or Edikaikong date next weekend......


Fashion Credit

Jumpsuit:  Dorothy Perkins

Sandals:  Accessorize

Belt:  River Island

Purse:  Aldo

Watch:  Moschino

Earring:  Select

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Post That Refused To Be Named

I decided to wear denim on denim today.  I wanted to create some kind of contrast so I mixed a lighter wash shirt with a darker wash pair of skinnies

I was going for a praire chick-meets-hippie-meets-cowgirl but I seriously doubt if I nailed it.....oh well....

I accessorised with what I'll call a mini-turban (the beastly thing kept riding up my forehead), a statement necklace, a large metallic clutch and for a pop of colour I wore these amazing neon sandals from Zara. 

Glad to inform you all that I partook of some serious ram and fried rice feasting.  

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Fashion Credit 

Shirt:  Next

Skinny Jeans:  Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes:  Zara

Sunglasses:  Versace

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sister Sister

Hurray!  My bloggers block is over!  What this means for me is that I'm back to blogging full time! I'm practically doing cartwheels and dancing azonto.  I'm practically brimming with new ideas and looking out at the world with fresh pair of eyes.  Anyway, while waiting for Friday to come with it's promise of fried (if given an option I'll like mine grilled thank you very much) ram meat.  Getting Sallah meat can be tough as most of my muslim friends know why I get overly friendly during Eid. I'm determined to eat my fill this year, I will show up at my muslim friends houses  uninvited and help myself to delicious ram meat. Ha! So if you're a muslim, you live in Lagos and you're my friend and your ram (or rams are) is tied and bleating helplessly in your backyard be rest assured I will drop by! T.J I see you o! 

Cream Linen Dress from Next

Jess and I decided to have a sisters day out yesterday.  We made plans to catch a movie and do dinner (or do dinner and watch a movie), as usual it took Jess a loooooong time to get dressed.  I picked a cream linen dress I'd being dying to wear and cinched my waist in with a leopard print belt (crappy camera did not capture the awesomeness of the belt).  I wore a mid-heel yellow and grey sandals and accessorised with a charm necklace (pictured below)

Charm necklace from Accessorize

 We had dinner at Double 44 at The Palms in Lekki (I think it used to be called Caffe Vergnano). It was a relaxed chilled out evening and the food was awesome.

We watched The Dictator which left us in stitches.  Sacha Baron Cohen is mega talented (You'll love the dictator if you loved Borat, thank God he didn't think to wear the horrid neon green mankini!). It's right up your street if you like dirty, slapstick comedy.

 I had a nice time hanging out with my sister.  I would love to go on a girls only holiday with all my sisters.  I love them sooooooo much (I love my brother too ;-) ).


Fashion Credit

Dress:  Next

Shoes: Aldo

Belt:  River Island

Charm Necklace:  Accessorize

Monday, October 22, 2012

Camo: To wear or not to wear.....

C’mon lets be real here, there are some trends that we’d sworn to ourselves we’d never rock but have found ourselves hopping on the merry bandwagon like everyone else and buying different colours, prints or variations  of it! I swore I’d never get on the floral print truck.  I sneered at  fashionistas wearing all kinds floral (sometimes fruity) prints  and IMO looking like human table clothes or my grannys curtains.  I was shocked when I found myself eyeing a particularly spectacular floral print blazer in Zara (maybe ‘cos it was on sale!). Well there’s a new trend in town that is cool but there's an aspect of it i dont like.  It's the military trend of last summer that is spilling into this season.  I love me a lovely military inspired jacket (like Kim K's Balmain jacket below) and army green (as worn by one of my fave bloggers below, click Here to visit her blog).

Kim Kardashian's Balmain military jacket

 While I don't mind incorporating military inspired items into my outfits, one thing I know is I’d never wear anything in camo print. Yes I’ll never ever never ever wear anything in camo! I noticed the trend like a couple of months ago and silently prayed it’ll fade away but instead of dying a quick death like I thought it has grown somewhat stronger.  I didn’t want to talk about it initially but I got the shock of my life when I saw Joan Rivers wearing a camo print jacket on Fashion Police (sorry I wasn’t quick enough to take a picture of it)! Yes you read me right…Joan Rivers! It’s ok for chicks like Rita Ora and Rihanna but not Joan (I totally adore her btw). My bloggers block disappeared in an instant as I quickly snatched up my laptop and got typing!

I admit I’ve worn camo print in the past. I remember buying a camo print tank top in uni. It was 1998 and camo was everywhere and we even had a camo and combat themed show in school.  I thought I looked  the bees knees till a friend I will not name showed up in a party  I was at wearing a camo print maxi dress with a slit in front that went all up to her navel paired with the same camo patterned hotpants! I know it’s a lot to process but back then I thought it was hawt (I think she paired it with boots too). Anyway gist later came out that she had a slight run in with some soldiers on her way back from the party (I’m not sure if it was the camo print that got them pissed or the very hawt outfit….).

Anyway so I saw this picture below of Amber Rose wearing a camo jumpsuit with a leather sleeveless jacket and black boots and I think it's hideous. 

Amber Rose wearing a camo print jumpsuit

I suppose it's not so bad if worn correctly (and in moderation). The very stylish blogger of atlantic-pacific shows us how it's done in two ways

I like how she effortlessly made it feminine by wearing a black mini skirt and accessorizing with that uber-cool Chanel brooch!

She redefines casual chic by wearing camo print skinnies with a denim jacket.  I just love her style (and wardrobe)!

In the picture below, Beyonce went all out military (sans boots) with her man courtside.  I like how she softened her ensemble with those sexy heels.

I suspect I'm going to get a lot of stick for declaring my distate for camoflague, I expect a lot of statements like 'don't diss it till you try it' and 'speak for yourself I'm un-retiring my camo shorts from the 90's' and such but it's all good.  I'm sure you guys have trends that you hate and won't be caught dead wearing, if you do, lemme know and maybe we can work together on a post about it!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Currently Coveting: Valentino Naked Rockstud Transparent Slingbacks

Hi guys, before y'all start giving me stick for being MIA for a whole month just sit back and listen to my excuse. .....bloggers block. Yes bloggers block should be right there with writers block and ADD! It's a legitimate ailment.  I just didn't feel inspired and didn't feel like documenting my thoughts and taking picture of my outfits.  

Anyway I stumbled onto this gorgeous shoes from Valentino.  This pointy-toe wonder features transparent straps with stud embellishments and plexiglass heels. It's made from calf leather with leather insoles and leather sole

Valentino's Rockstud collection has been a resounding success, from shoes, bags etc.  I love the edgy but ladylike look and feel of the whole collection. Valentino just went stud wild!  Alexa Chung was snapped rocking her kitten heeled black and blush slingbacks during Paris fashion week (that chic fashion-forward fashion minx!!). For more ogling of the Rockstud collection and prices click HERE

Below is picture of Alexa's Kitten heels. Practical, sexy and bang on trend! I want, love and need these shoes!


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