Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Grey Matter

If I had to choose one blogger I'd love to meet in person that person would be Stella of J'adore-fashion. Not only is she super-stylish and gorgeous, she also seems to be a nice, friendly and totally approachable person. She did a post on grey being on trendy last week (see post HERE) and I like it, one thing that caught my eye was the jumper she had on, it made me remember my grey one I got from Rome. 

 I'm sure all my friends are tired of my yakking about what an AMAZING time I had in Rome and most have outrightly told me they are tired of looking at the pictures (I show everyone the pictures of the cats of the Largo di Torre Argentina cat sanctuary, btw I'm a huge cat lover!).  I got the jumper for just 10euros from Piazza Italia (I guess it's Italy's answer to New Look or Dorothy Perkins but way way better in terms of quality and style) and the quality is amazing!! It passed the washing machine test by not shrinking!

The past couple of mornings have been amazing as harmattan decided to show up this year so the nights and morning are cooler than normal but it tends to get a bit hot during the day, I woke up yesterday feeling a bit chilly so I wore a black sleeveless blouse that I absolutely adore (it has faux leather collar) and decided to get my grey on with the grey jumper and paired it with a black ankle skimming pair of trousers and red pumps. To give 'em something to remember me by, I accessorised with this totally gorgeous neck piece from Zara.  

Fashion Credit

Jumper:  Pizza Italia

Faux collar top (worn inside): Zara

Pants:  Zara

Shoes:  Zara

Bag:  Gucci

Neckpiece:  Zara

Watch:  DKNY