Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aztec Print Trousers

While on a shopping expedition a couple of days ago, I mysteriously found myself in Primark. I've always felt too grand for the brand but last week my itchy feet carried me there, I have to admit I was shocked by what I saw. Their AW12 collection has just dropped and there were great pieces. I saw great looking clothes at really affordable prices. My fave buy was this Aztec print slim-leg trousers.  Tres comfortable, tres chic and most importantly tres stretchy (what's the french word for stretchy anyone?).

Aztec Print Trouser

I'm not ashamed to say I've jumped on the print bandwagon this season.  I've had my eye on a Navajo print dress from River Island for a while now and will pounce on said item as soon as it goes on sale.

Another top print for me this season is the scarf print.  Wish I could get a silk pastel coloured paisley shirt, I would wear it with ankle grazing pastel coloured capri trousers and accessorize with a thick gold chain, retro glasses and pointy shoes (very Versace).

I haven't worn the pants yet. These pictures were taken after I got back from the shops.  I wore a teal (yes teal again) coloured top, black heels and an aqua coloured purse to test run the trousers.

Every blogger knows how tough it can get finding someone to take pictures of them to upload on their blogs, yours sincerely has been known to beg and even grovel just to have her picture taken.  Well I'm happy to inform eye-rolling family and exasperated friends that I now have an itsy bitsy mini tripod stand!  Yes! This little gizmo is extendable and can be used to tilt the camera in different directions and most importantly doesn't complain or get distracted! It's so small and lightweight that it can fit into most purses and oh by the way, it cost me just a pound! Buhahahahahaha!

New best friend

Loving Lana Del Rey's Blue Jeans. I've got it on repeat on my iPod. Click link below to watch video

Enjoy your day!


Fashion Credits:
Top:  Atmosphere

Pants: Atmosphere

Purse:  Atmosphere

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Butterlies and Polka Dots

Hello All,
I know, I know...I've been gone for a loooong bit right? Sorry o.  Being really busy with business and stuff.  How's everyone? Fine I expect.  I decided to travel to London to hang out with family.  I heard the weather was great before I left but like typical British weather, it turned nasty just after I got here, all rainy and windy with dodgy flashes of what the locals here call sunshine.  I was thinking of going to Manchester to see the old haunts (did anyone say Tiger, Tiger?) and possibly meet up old classmates who decided to stay back after uni but I think I'm going to have to give it a miss.  If London is this rainy I can only wonder what will be happening further north. 

Butterfly printed top

Anyway I'll admit I've been doing a little (scratch that and insert 'plenty' instead) shopping.  It's sales season and being one who loves bargains and offers, I have been snatching marked down items that I had being stalking online for months.  I got this lovely light turquoise butterfly blouse with pastel accented butterflies last week.  I've always liked the bird, dog or butterfly printed tops so when I spied this one I reached for it just as the girl behind me who seemed to be picking everything I was picking reached for it as well. I beat her to it thankfully (at the till the sales assistant told me it was the last one! Hallelujah!!).

Dorothy Perkins Polka Dot Heels

Another sales find is pictured above. I got these beauties from Dorothy Perkins for half the price.  I've always been partial to polka dots and bows and this pair of shoes had both of them and sturdy high heels that normal people can walk in! It's actually navy blue and has this barely there satiny sheen to it

A friend of mine invited me to watch a west end show (Motown Greatest Hits) on Saturday evening and I decided to 'launch' my outfits. I paired the butterfly print top with my cobalt coloured jeans and the heels.  I cinched my waist in with a thin brown braided belt, put on a slick of Mac's Girl About Town lipstick (I save it for special days only) and was ready to go.  

Just as I was about to grab a purse and leave the house, it started to rain.  Boy did it pour! To cut a long story short, I ended up not going to the show (insert sad face) and spent the rest of my evening playing 'Where's My Water' on my ipad with my 3-year old niece.

Just for laughs!  
I 'barged' into my nephews room and 'caught' my 3-year-old niece trying out my new shoes. She was so engrossed trying to do the straps and didn't even notice I was in the room.  It was a classic Kodak moment. I nearly fell down the stairs as I rushed to get my camera to capture this budding fashionista! Looks she's already clashing prints with her striped dress and polka dot shoes.

After minutes fidgeting with the straps with no luck, Little Ella decided to try her mum's open-toe pumps and was strutting about in no time! Smart girl!

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Fashion Credit:

Top:  Maria Keneva

Skinnies:  Oasis

Shoes:  Dorothy Perkins