Friday, May 25, 2012

Maxi Fest (Day 3, 4 and 5)

Hello (trying to tear my eyes away from Her Royal Gorgeousness....Beyonce!).  Sorry the second part of MaxiFest is coming this late reason was because my internet was down for all of yesterday.  Life has been good since I dropped my former provider and I'm using Swift Broadband the only reliable broadband service in Nigeria.  

I can't begin to explain how Bey's outfit has me going all hot and bothered! I mean who else can wear a skirt made up of pieces of rags (Joseph would have been envious, I'm sure his coat of many colours didn't have this much colours).  I guess it would have bombed if it was someone else wearing it but Beyonce gave it that certain ooomph! I love the top, the sunglasses, the bag, the shoes and let's not forget the hat! I like the bright colours and how she used black accessories to make it all pleasing to the eyes. Way to go Mama Blue Ivy!

Maxi Day 3:

Maxi dress with cropped denim jacket
Day 3 had me wearing tube maxi dress, my fave denim jacket (the one I wrote a whole post about, remember the one I thought I'd lost and then found?), a messenger bag and aviator sunnies).

I love the giant patterns on the dress and it doesn't hurt that it's extra long too.

Maxi Day 4: The full skirted maxi

Full skirted maxi with t-shirt

Growing up, I was your typical jeans and t-shirt girl till I started filling out and started wearing dresses and skirts. These days, I hardly wear jeans and t-shirts like I used to.  Funny thing is I still buy them but I think aside from the skinnnies, the only other jeans I wear has to be the bootcut I got from Zara that is very flattering. Maybe I should sell the jeans I have in my closet, they just occupy a whole section of my wardrobe.....(naira, dollars and pound signs going off like works in my minds eye). Deep down, I'm still the gawky, skinny teenager with huge glasses so maybe that's why I still try to incorporate my earlier style with my present one.  In the picture above, I'm wearing a t-shirt with a full skirted maxi, a black belt and my old faithful weather beaten bowler hat.

Maxi Day 6: The Sheer Maxi

Python print sheer maxi skirt

Too bad the picture doesn't do justice to this awesome sheer wonder! The skirt comes in a python print is very sheer and has pink accents. The skirt has a short white inner lining so it didn't look trashy.  I wore the skirt with a cute silky cream shirt with lovely lacy frills in front, cinched it all in with a brown braided belt and my fave mid heels and viola!

Close-up on the material

Sheer maxis- Dorothy Perkins

I had a lovely week trying to think of different ways to wear my maxis. I'm not out of ideas but I'd be grateful to hear from you.  Send me emails or just write your suggestions in the comments page.  If you're not too shy, you can send a picture of your fabulous self wearing your maxis and I'll put them up. For tips on how to wear maxis you can check out this link


Fashion Credits

Day 3
Maxi Dress:  Select

Denim Jacket:  Forever 21

Flats:  Aldo

Messenger Bag:  Barratts

Day 4
T-shirt:  Zara

Skirt:  Next

Belt: Next (From a dress)

Hat:  Next

Bag:  Aldo

Day 5
Top:  Miss Selfridges

Skirt:  Influence

Shoes:  New Look

Belt:  Dorothy Perkins

Pleated Wonder

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Maxi Skirt: MaxiFest (Day 1 & 2)

I love maxis! Maxi dresses and maxi skirts just do it me.  At the risk of looking like a prairie chick I have paired floor grazing maxi skirts with buttoned up shirts, maxi dresses with western styled denim jackets etc.  I like my maxi's extra long and if it's long enough to have a train trailing behind me even better! With the rains fast approaching, I figured it would be a good time to wear the life out of my maxis before the floods around Lagos make it unreasonable to wear (to be honest flood and muddy puddles have never stopped me in the past).

In honour of the maxi, I decided to wear maxis for a whole week.  This post is about my week long 'maxifest'.  Day 1 was kinda easy, I wore my fave maxi skirt that I got it from a sample sale so there's no brand name on it.  It's floral patterned and has a shiny champagne coloured background which I like.

 I decided to wear a belt with the skirt because I never get pants or skirts that fit the hip and waist so most times I have to get the waist of most outfits taken in to get the fit I want (My tailor mysteriously moved away without leaving a forwarding address, I'm sure I'm the only customer that didn't get a text message containing his new address.  Dude got tired of doing just amendments and having me yell at him to take an extra inch off my skirt. Ahmed if you ever read this? I'm sorry I stomped off the last time, I know you hardly speak English and I don't speak French but whats so hard understanding "three inches off?").

I wore a cowl neck cream neck with a rather distracting neckline (wink) and to draw away attention from my twins, I wore a statement necklace pictured below (I know it's missing a gemstone somewhere but you all don't expect me to bin if because of that!)

I held the waist together with a red belt and further accessorized with a straw tribly, brown weave flat sandals and a brown messenger bag. 

Following the success of the floral skirt the day before, I decided to give it another spin in day 2.  This time I paired it with a black chiffon sleeveless collared shirt (they seem to be sooooo in these days. Next time I go shopping, I'll buy one of those contrast ones that have a different coloured collar from the rest of the shirt. Click to check out this cute one here).

 I accessorized with my fave Niger Delta bowler hat (Ha Izon!) and the shoes I wore the day before.  The pièce de résistance for me was the detachable collar I wore with the top.  Below is a close up of it.

I decided to do a 2-part post so I'll be posting the second part of my maxi-week in a couple of hours.

Thanks for reading, please take time to comment and follow this site!

P.S. If there's anything here you like and would love to buy, lemme know. I can hook a sista up, no problem!


Fashion Credits:

First Outfit

Skirt:  Unknown

Cream Blouse:  River Island

Belt:  Dorothy Perkins

Hat: Matalan

Necklace:  Accessorize

Sandals:  Next

Second Outfit

Blouse:  Select

Hat:  Next

Necklace:  Can't remember (maybe Dorothy Perkins)

Ring:  Accessorize

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bowler Hat and Cobalt Jeans

Hats are a good way to accessorize and give character to an outfit.   I've always loved hats and own a few. I went through the Kangol and fisherman hat phase with blinking (don't judge me! Thankfully I don't have pictures of me rocking them. In my defense, they seemed so cool then and everyone was wearing them). Nowadays you can catch me wearing fedoras, trilbys or a bowler hat. I suppose in a couple of years I'll look at these pictures and cringe but for now.....

Anyway, I was having a lazy afternoon a couple of days ago and instead of sitting at home watching Ancient Aliens of the History channel (very riveting programme I kid you not and yes I believe in aliens, UFOs and that there are flying saucer hidden in Area 51!), I decided to go visit friends. I didn't feel like wearing anything fancy so I wore my cobalt blue skinny jeans and a star print purple top (so last year I know but who cares).  The colour contrast between both items is lovely. These days with the whole colour clashing trend thing you never know what you'll get when you mix two seemingly different colours together.

I accessorized with a black bowler hat, a necklace with gold leaves and feather, a stack of bangles and a cute pair of ballerina shoes with a cute bow. I love wearing my bowler hat with loads of outfits. I don't know if it's because I'm Ijaw. Its not breaking news that we south south folks love our hats! 

Colour pop jeans seem to be everywhere, the thought of wearing a pastel coloured jeans or horror of horrors a pair of yellow or pink jeans scares the sh*t out of me (I can just imagine how lumpy my bum would look, seriously light coloured jeans should be left to chicks with pert behinds. Another thing, emm fashionistas have no business wearing leggings as trousers. I've seen babes wearing very short tops with leggings and some even tuck their tops into leggings and displaying huge camel toes. Maybe it's just me but it looks sooo wrong)

Not one to be shy of following a (sensible) trend, I decided to get my colour pop on by buying these cobalt blue skinnies.

Below is a picture of me on holiday wearing my trilby hat. I got it on sale from Tie Rack for a fiver and love it to death!

 Wearing the trilby again (talk about getting bang for your buck!)

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Fashion Credit

Main Picture:
Top:  Next
Skinny Jeans:  Oasis
Hat:  Next
Flats:  Zara

Holiday Picture:
Shirt:  Zara
Jeans:  Forever 21
Satchel:  Barratts
Hat:  Tie Rack
Sandals:  Zara

Last Picture:
Hat:  Tie Rack
T-Shirt:  Zara
Blazer:  Zara
Jeans: Forever 21

Whats in my handbag?

I guess every female blogger worth her salt has to one time or the other do the obligatory whats-in-my-handbag blog post.  The thought of showing the contents of my bag has been giving me mini nightmares. I'm one of those people who throw everything into their handbags. 'Everything' include things like wadded up tissues, chewing gum wrappers, year-old receipts and grubby handkerchiefs. Well to do this post I had to carry out a mini sanitation day on my handbag and minutes later I was able to separate the useful and regular stuff from the thrash I had been lugging about for a while now.  I can tell you for free that my handbag felt lighter afterwards.


 I guess the next step is listing and possibly describing all the stuff stashed in the bag.  To make it easier, I'm going to start clockwise:

* Barrel brush: To brush my hair (obvs). I'm rocking pin-straight locks at the moment and I find it easier to brush my hair with the barrel brush than a paddle one.

* Powder Brush

* Strepsils: currently nursing a sore throat at the moment

* Check Book: Every business person has to walk around with theirs right?

* Bodyshop passion fruit body butter: Smells great and the best moisturizer when you're on the go  and your skin feels dry.  

* Glasses case

* Lip and Eye pencils

* Sleek Blush in a shade I can't remember

* Hands-free:  Can't begin to say how important it is to not talk directly into your mobile phone while driving.  Get one if you don't have one! Its cheap.

* Mac Powder Studio Fix: Best powder out there and you can take that to the bank!

* Wallet: This Guess wallet has served me for 3 years now. It's got most of my cards and complimentary cards (ahem!) in it.

* Mascara: Its from L'Oreal and its one of those two-step affairs where you use a primer first and then the mascara proper afterwards.  Its the best because the mascara wand is like a little comb instead of a brush and believe me it picks up every lash strand.

* L'Oreal nude lipstick

* Sleek and Vaseline cocoa-butter lip-balm

* Lipsticks: The Mac lipstick shade is called 'Girl around Town' I feel flirty when I wear it. The other one is a bright red affair from Seven.

* Coin/loose change bag

* Next Diary: I promised myself I was going to keep a diary for 2012 and of course I am yet to make a single entry. Tsk tsk.

* Makeup bag: Contains all the goodies.  It's got everything in there but the kitchen sink

* Contact Lens: I am really short-sided and wear contacts most of the time.  If you wear prescription contacts please keep a spare pair and your glasses handy.  I remember this one time that I was driving at night and I had this sudden itch in my eye and in the process of scratching it, my contacts came off! Good thing I had my glasses in my bag!

* Hand sanitizer: Need I say more?

* Car keys: My keyholder is a cute race-car driver in an orange overall and helmet.  I got it from Playmobil in Malta.  It reminds me of happier times.....*sniff*sniff*

* Sunglasses case: My fave pair of sunnies.


I guess the final bit in the show-whats-in-your-bag post is talking about the bag itself.  My bag du jour is the Louis Vuitton GM Neverfull, after months of saving, I decided to get it for myself as a present early this year.  The Neverfull is actually never full, as it manages to house my mags, ipad and whatever book I'm reading at the moment without any problems.  Money well spent if you ask me.

Well there you go.  Glad to have this post over and done with.


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Louboutin Bollywood meets Herve Leger

I remember when I first saw the Bollywood shoes by Christian Louboutin from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection online, I mentally swooned! Damn! The eye candy is a towering six inches. Beyonce and Evelyn Lozada (of basketball wives) have been snapped wearing the embroidery and bling creation. Since yours sincerely doesn't have the kinda dosh Mrs Beyonce Carter has, I had to rush to Polyvore to visually put together a look. If I had the shoes I'd wear it with a colourful Herve Leger bandage dress, a McQueen or Chanel Clutch and a bodyguard!  Thank God for Poyvore o! Anyway I know what I'll be buying once I win the lottery.......

Louboutin Bollywood meets Herve Leger