Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sequins, Metallics and Shimmer

I have always wondered why we have to wait for Christmas to break out the shine and glitter! I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a bit of a closet magpie cos secretly I’m drawn to sparkly, shiny things.  Just to avoid getting weird looks, I consciously steer away from racks groaning under weight of garments with flashy and colourful sequins (that didn’t stop me from buying a sparkly sequin jacket on a solo shopping trip and hiding it so my elder sis won’t catch me with it. She, my older sis is a bit of a fashion snob who thinks she knows better than everyone else ‘cos she lived in Italy for years. Don’t worry she won’t read this…hopefully).  I turn up my nose at people that are brave enough to pile on the ‘sparklies’ when it’s not Christmas or they’re going to an 80’s themed disco but my snob is tinged with a hint of envy. Yes envy. If it was acceptable in the 80’s why not now?  Well thankfully sequins, metallic, glitter and shine are gonna be hot next season! Now I can wear them without feeling like a freak!  I know it might seem too early for some to start working next seasons trend when this season just took off right? Well….so what? If Kim K can wear sequins (she wore a sequin tuxedo jacket with a cute leather bow-tie, a crisp white shirt and pants. Check out the picture below) for the Kardashian Christmas card photos so can I!

Yesterday for a night out on the town, I decided to wear my sequin, sparkly jacket! I wore it with an all black playsuit with a plunging neckline a sparkly waist-cinching belt and some cool blue heels (I spent the whole night tottering about and wishing I had put a pair of flats in my purse). I decided to wear all black cos I didn’t want to go all OTT and look like a walking disco-bulb.  I think it’s safer to pair shiny and metals with muted colours and allow the sparkle do the talking for itself.  If you want to wear say a red dress and you want to put a lil sparkle in the ensemble, opt for a purse with metallic, glitter and sequins.

Please look beyond the unmade bed. Getting dressed takes time and effort and there’s always a missing shoe that hides under your neatly folded and ironed stack of clothes or under your duvet on your meticulously made bed.  Finding the shoe requires a whole lot of scattering and there’s never time to tidy up ‘cos everyone is waiting for you downstairs.



I think it all boils down to your comfort level though.  It would freak a whole lot of people if one is caught wearing a bright shiny sequined hot pink dress with gold shoes, shiny silver purse, red lipstick, smeared mascara, wonky fake lashes and glitter eyeshadow! I bet there are chicks like that out there but please let it not be you!

I think it all boils down to your comfort level though.  It would freak a whole lot of people if one is caught wearing a bright shiny sequined hot pink dress with gold shoes, shiny silver purse, red lipstick, smeared mascara, wonky fake lashes and glitter eyeshadow! I bet there are chicks like that out there but please let it not be you!

Below are more pictures of me trying to look sexy and practicing my moves like Ciara which was all a waste cos I spent the whole night out bitching about them shoes and staggering around in them (if you ran into me last night and thought I was walking a little funny, I just want to say I was staggering cos of my shoes, I only had one drink last night). 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Peplum and Mint

Hey guys, I guess by now its public knowledge that Kim K and Kanye West are now a hot item.  Not fair Kim, I've always had eyes for Mr. West, I mean you're gorgeous and you can get almost any man you want so why Kanye?  It's either they're canoodling while strolling down the streets of NYC sharing an ice cream cone or wearing matching colours to restaurant openings. She even has earrings with letters 'K' 'W' sef! So what if I'm jealous? So they're now 'K-WEST' or 'KIMYE?

Anyway I stumbled into this picture of them leaving the opening of a restaurant wearing matching colours (now they're doing co-ordinated outfits? wtf). I managed to put my jealousy aside when I looked closely at Kim K's dress. She was wearing a black jersey peplum dress from Givenchy, Louboutin Unbout illusion pumps (these red-bottom beauties are showing up everywhere aren't they? Beyonce, Rihanna and Solange have been snapped in them. Solange wore hers with that split-to-almost-the-waist Maki Oh skirt that got every blog talking)

 Not surprising, as with the Alti spiked pigalle, these Loubies are sold out! 

I liked the look. With her hair pulled back in a tight bun and minimal jewellery and a black clutch, Ms. Kardashian looked simple but elegant. If I was her stylist I would have suggested a pop of colour somewhere though Kim seems to favour neutral colours (mostly black and greys).  Below is a a close-up on the Givenchy viscose jersey dress

I have always been a fan of the peplum even before it became one of this season's top trends.  I'm definitely getting myself a peplum outfit asap. inspired by this season's hot mint and pastel colours, I went to polyvore to pull an outfit together. Below is my creation! I was thinking French glamour (Don't know why I put Big Ben in the background...)...Mint green peplum dress, pearls, YSL ooh-la-la red lipstick, Dior miss cherie perfume and my fave Louboutin Alti Spike 160mm shoes and an edgy knuckle-duster black clutch........

Minty Peplum xxx

Tell me what you think


Fashion Credit

Almari Belted Peplum Dress

Black shoes
Christian Louboutin Alti Spike 160

Black handbag

Throne'Mistress Rocks Black Knuckleduster Skull Clutch

Friday, April 20, 2012

Casual Wednesday

Nothing beats spending an evening with friends just dressed down!  I mean the good ol' jeans and top kinda casual.  You know the kind of casual where you just blindly reach into your closet and lazily put an ensemble together right?  On Wednesday, I hung out with my friend Es (he's responsible for the cold bottle of Star you see in the picture below o! I don't drink beer, gimme a Frozen Magarita anyday).  We met up for dinner and juicy gossip at Pataya (A Thai restaurant on Adeola Hopewell). They serve this Catfish thingy that I can't seem to get enough of!

Teal Weekend (1)

Can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since my last post.  I wish I could reach into my Sports Billy type bag of excuses, rummage for a bit and fish out a lovely tangible excuse (Remember Sports Billy? That cartoon from the 80's where the sports-loving kid from a planet called Olympus had a bag called the 'Omni-Sack' which could produce anything Billy wanted when he dipped his hands into it? How I've dreamed long and hard for a bag like that. My first dip would produce the Christian Louboutin spiked Pigalle shoes Monica wore in the music video "It All Belongs to Me" as shown below, second will be the car, then the Balmain Jacket, then the weave, then the....enough Bex!!!)

Below is a close up on the spiky red-bottom beauty that goes for $1,095 and is even sold out! Chei....

Okayyyy, back to today's post! Where was I...right, excuses abi? I have none. Mea Culpa. It is my fault. Isabel from Kenya, I apologize for the long periods between posts. Thanks for the emails and suggestions. 

Right! I'm not much of a wedding 'goer' I hardly attend weddings. I have a sinking feeling that my own wedding would be attended by a sparse sprinkling of friends and few relatives from side who are only attending 'cos my dad had threatened them! To avoid this shame I have decided on a destination wedding in Malta! Love the Mediterranean. Lovely beaches, food, men....ahem! Anyway this past weekend, I decided to go for Bola and Kennedy's wedding in Lagos. Actually my friend Shirley talked me into attending and I'm glad I went.  I wore this lovely Teal coloured dress that I bought moons ago.  Turns out the uber chic and very successful Celine Loader wore this dress to the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) in 2010! Below is Loader wearing hers (courtesy of BellaNaija, 2010)

I love how she tied the belt with the a knot in front! Stylish. Anyway I decided to wear mine to the wedding. I wore mine with silver mid-heels (Y'all know that I can't wear towering heels), black clutch (not pictured) and a silver cuff. Simple.

There was no need to over-do with accessories as the dress has a to-die-for bib of embellishments which is the focal point of the dress.  The teal has a certain sheen to it so the dress just shimmers and speaks for itself. 

The wedding was fun, there was loads to drink and eat.  As with most Nigerian events, there was loads to see too. I spied Aliko Dangote from the corner of my eyes. I.K was the emcee and was funny as usual.  Tiwa Savage screamed and screeched her hits and Naeto C reminded me why I liked his hit song 'Kini Big Deal'.

Overall, it was a lovely wedding and I'm glad I went.  Maybe I'll start attending weddings more often.....

Watch this space for my next post (Teal weekend pt. 2)



Fashion Credits
Dress: Warehouse

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Watch: Moschino

Cuff: Wallis

Earring: Forever 21

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Lost But Found

Hello duhlings! How you doooooing (pulling a Wendy face). Sorry for the long hiatus in between posts.  A certain internet provider I choose not to mention that I use chose to put me out of commission for a whole week.  The provider starts with an S and ends with an S. Anyway on to the business of today.  Have you ever lost something you really like and found years later after you've mourned and forgotten about it? Yes? Then you know what I'm talking about!

Last week while sorting through a pile of clothes I was trying to recycle, I found my denim jacket! I lost this little gem a while ago and thought someone had nicked it (Jessica I'm not calling you a thief o. Jess is my flatmate/older sister who is a size 8 and has left me to balloon to a chubby 12. Granted she can't fit into the jacket but still.....). What made the disappearance more painful was the fact that I had only worn it once before it vanished. Anyway fast-forward a whole year, I found my 'monkey jacket' resting beneath a pile of castoffs.

A denim jacket might not mean a lot to some people but it I like the way throwing it over an outfit gives the ensemble a casual feel.  Imagine wearing a maxi belted dress with a denim jacket and a slouchy messenger bag slung over a shoulder and resting on your hips and a pair of dark shades....effortlessly casual chic!

 I decided to wear the jacket that same evening to meet up friends for drinks on the Island.  Felt like showing some legs so I wore my trusty black mini skirt, a pink embellished silk blouse, a pair of gold slippers, a stack of bangles and the denim jacket and I was good to go. 

 Sorry for the short post. Just wanted to share my happiness! If I had my way, I'd wear her every day!


Fashion Credits

Denim Jacket:  Forever 21

Blouse:  Et Vous

Skirt:  Zara

Shoes:  Savannah

Bag:  Louis Vuitton