Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Grey Matter

If I had to choose one blogger I'd love to meet in person that person would be Stella of J'adore-fashion. Not only is she super-stylish and gorgeous, she also seems to be a nice, friendly and totally approachable person. She did a post on grey being on trendy last week (see post HERE) and I like it, one thing that caught my eye was the jumper she had on, it made me remember my grey one I got from Rome. 

 I'm sure all my friends are tired of my yakking about what an AMAZING time I had in Rome and most have outrightly told me they are tired of looking at the pictures (I show everyone the pictures of the cats of the Largo di Torre Argentina cat sanctuary, btw I'm a huge cat lover!).  I got the jumper for just 10euros from Piazza Italia (I guess it's Italy's answer to New Look or Dorothy Perkins but way way better in terms of quality and style) and the quality is amazing!! It passed the washing machine test by not shrinking!

The past couple of mornings have been amazing as harmattan decided to show up this year so the nights and morning are cooler than normal but it tends to get a bit hot during the day, I woke up yesterday feeling a bit chilly so I wore a black sleeveless blouse that I absolutely adore (it has faux leather collar) and decided to get my grey on with the grey jumper and paired it with a black ankle skimming pair of trousers and red pumps. To give 'em something to remember me by, I accessorised with this totally gorgeous neck piece from Zara.  

Fashion Credit

Jumper:  Pizza Italia

Faux collar top (worn inside): Zara

Pants:  Zara

Shoes:  Zara

Bag:  Gucci

Neckpiece:  Zara

Watch:  DKNY

Sunday, October 20, 2013

When Berry, Bex and StyleFash became the Powerpuff Girls!!!!

To be honest I started blogging 'cos I was looking for a medium where I could creatively express myself.  I've always loved fashion so I thought to myself...why not? Why not blog about the one thing you love, a couple of months spent mulling over whether to blog or not, bexluvs2dress was born.  I'm a shy person and kinda reserved (HARD TO BELIEVE) and don't go out of my way to make friends so when I started making friends via my blog I didn't know how to pursue these friendships.  Enter Stylefash and Berry into my bloglife, Stylefash is the madam at the top of the fashion blog Stylefash (Please click link, thanks) and Berry is the madam patapata of the blog BerryDakara (Please click link, thanks). Stylefash was the first person to make a connection, she met Berry somewhere and these two went crazy (making people around look nervously at them and hurry away I'm sure) shouting and calling each other Stylefash and Berry as they didn't know each other's real name.  Well to cut a sweet story short three of us decided to meet up.  Aside frrom this blog, I have another blog BexCoox which is a food blog and I've not been shy letting the whole world know how much I love Indian food, luckily we all love Indian food so we decided to meet up at Spice Route (on Adeola Odeku Str, V.I. Lagos).

Like I said earlier, I kinda suck at meeting new people and I actually thought of calling to say I wasn't going to show up.  I kept wondering how they'd be, would Berry be snotty with a fake American accent? Would StyleFash be a talkative and bossy? I decided to satisfy my curiousity and go.  We agreed we would not exchange numbers or BB pins till we met so we kept communicating via emails.  I decided to dress as casual as I could, I wore a powder blue ankle skimming pants, a tee-shirt with an Ann Wintour look-alike on it and flat sandals.  I arrived first (not 'cos I'm like that but cos I had brunch with a friend earlier and finished earlier than I thought) and got us a table and waited...Stylefash arrived first and I squealed in delight and we hugged, sat down and ordered wine (that's when the fun began).  Shortly afterwards, Berry arrived resplendent in a lovely sequin top and gorgeous earrings, She was coming in from a wedding party where she had a glass of champagne so she was a bit buzzed and quite giggly (actually we were all giggly at this point).

I enjoyed myself thoroughly as we just bonded naturally, we found out we had friends in common and the conversation just flowed. we ordered Chicken Biryani, Seafood Curry and Chicken Vindaloo and more wine.  It was a lovely evening filled with laughs, ooohs, ahhhs and ehennnnns. At the end of the evening I learnt some fun things about my new friends top two being:

1.  Stylefash went to fashion school (I tripped)
2.  Berry has been natural since 2006

We are meeting in a couple of weeks for another blog sisters date...can't wait!  Below are some of the pics we took

Berry (R) StyleFash (L)

The Restaurant manager said this huge statue is made of papier marche

Outside Spice Route

'How come there's no chips on the menu? I want chips!!!'

What we ordered

I had mad crazy fun. StyleFash's Mr. C dubbed us the PowerPuff girls after he heard our names, StyleFash, Berry and Bex.  Very Hilarious.

Fashion Credit

Pants:  Next

T-Shirt:  Zara

Sandals:  Aldo

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Wide-Legged Pants

I'm just gonna go ahead and apologize for doing an almost-silent-post.  I've been uber busy these couple weeks! Busy doing what? Well busy getting materials for my new blog thats what!  Don't worry it's not another fashion blog (thankfully), it's a........food blog!  Yes you read right, a food blog. Aside dressing up Bex likes to cook..and bake....and pore over complicated recipes.  The blog address is http://www.bexcoox.blogspot.com.

I'd appreciate it if you head off to bexcoox right now and read, comment and follow.  So please skip over to bexcoox and tell me what you think.

For this post I'm wearing a blue wide legged pant with a peach coloured sleeveless blouce tucked in and my spiky pointy kitten heels.  I kinda like it when the hem of my pants nearly covers the heel of my shoes. I'm currently in love with this orangey citrusy red tote my friend Angie surprised me with, the burst of colour just does stuff to any outfit I choose to wear it with.  The gold studs on the side gives it this rock chic vibe and don't get me started on the tassels tied to one of the straps.......

Thanks for all the support and criticisms.

Fashion Credit

Pants:  Can't remember and too lazy to check 

Blouse:  River Island

Shoes:  Zara

Bag:  Kasha

Thursday, August 29, 2013

By their stripes you shall know them..

A certain someone told me that I hardly do patterns and prints, I have to admit I got on the defensive and told her that I do prints and loads of it at that. Having defended myself and kinda bullied the poor chick into believing I do prints I rushed home, put my laptop on, rushed to iPhotos and then it hit me.....hardly any print in sight...it seemed as if everything was in solids, colourful at times but solids.  I refused to accept it and ran to my wardrobe....same thing, mostly solids save for some paisley patterned tops, 4 stripey TM Lewin shirts, a jacket with a smattering of sequins, my striped jacket, some weird patterned skirts, quite a few number of clothing items in animal prints and some floral dresses. It hit me that I unconsciously stay away from stuff with patterns and prints, maybe it reflects my dislike for complication in real life.  I hate wahala.  I stay away from over-complicated and unpredictable people.  I don't like uncertainties and surprises (I kinda liked my last surprise birthday though, just didn't like the fact that I was fooled. lol).

Anyway to prove my friend wrong, I decided to wear stripes the very next day! I dug out this brown and black striped top from somewhere that I would not mention as it is beyond belief and paired it with black bottoms.  I wanted a relaxed but office-worthy look so I wore a pair of brown loafers,


Aldo leather loafers

Accessorize necklace and F21 ring

Lipsy wrap around belt

I hope that certain someone sees this post. lol


Fashion Credit

Top:  Dorothy Perkins

Trousers:  Zara

Belt:  Lipsy

Shoes:  Aldo

Friday, August 23, 2013

Zara's Best Skirt Yet (Ok maybe not the best but close!)

Zara leopard print pencil skirt

Seeing that I wouldn't be traveling this year for summer (actually not bothered really except that I would miss the summer sales, my nieces and nephew...), I decided to enlist the help of my personal person Seyi of LPS (personalstuvs.blogspot.com) to order and ship down some stuff for me.  Shopping for cloths online isn't really my thing, I prefer to walk down the aisles ooh and ahh 'ing at pieces that I like and taking them to the changing rooms to try them on.  It's the shopping experience that does it for me...that adrenaline rush of seeing something you like, trying it on, seeing that it fits (.....and would go with those grey harem pants you have no idea why you bought except that it was on sale!).  The aching guilt I feel at the till as I hand my debit card over and the little Smeagol voice that whispers just near my left shoulder, quietly but persuasively....

"Buts we deserves it my precioussssss"

I live for that final rush I get as I walk out of the shop convinced that I just rewarded myself for putting up with all the hardship of this life.

Anyway I placed my order and was about to finish off when I spied this hot number on zara.com. Everybody that knows me knows how much I love animal prints and pencil skirts so I was shocked I almost missed it.  When my order was delivered to me by the good people of LPS, the skirt was the first item that fell out of the package...it was everything I wished it would be and wait for this....IT HAD A FRONT SLIT! I was gobsmacked (takes a lot to shut me up fyi) and delighted! Zara totally nailed it IMHO.

I wore it to work the very next Friday with a denim shirt cinched at the waist with a belt and red pointy flats.  Remember the old post of how red loves leopard? well apparently it still does (click HERE to read post).


Two weeks later, I decided to take the skirt for another spin (I'm determined to get as much action as I can out of it) and this time I wore it to work.  I paired it with a cream shirt and red flats (not the same one as above, these ones have a cute bow in front)

My parents came into town two weeks ago, it was nice to have them around ordering my sister and I around and generally acting 'parenty'. They stayed with us for a while till dad decided he wanted to stay a while longer for a conference and moved to Eko Hotel (I suspect he wanted to get away from us three rather nosy ladies).  I went to his hotel room to 'disturb his peace' that same evening after work, I ordered room service and generally did everything I could do to annoy him.  After a while I decided to take some selfies. He caught me trying to take selifes in front of a large mirror and after watching me exasperatingly and noticing how rubbish I was at it, he decided to take the pictures himself and once he got warmed up he actually started enjoying himself and directing my poses.

Me, my sis and the dog were sad to see them leave (mum fed our dog fat) last week *sniff*


Denim Shirt:  Oasis

Belt:  River Island

Skirt:  Zara (order HERE)

Cream Shirt:  Marks and Spencer

Shoes:  Aldo and F21