Friday, November 23, 2012

Celeb Style Spotlight: Kim's Velvet Crush

 Velvet....the word brings to mind luxe and plushness.  Not only does it feel nice when one runs fingers over it, it actually makes an outfit look rich.  If there's one celeb that is seriously crushing on velvet is Kim K,  I wonder if there's a huge section in her extensive closet that houses an enviable velvet collection.  I first noticed her velvet obssession when pictures of her wearing THAT emerald green velvet Gucci wrap dress (pictured below).  I loved the way it hugged her curves and the colour was just out of this world.  I stumbled into this picture of her wearing a $1,076 Maria Lucia Hohan Marine jumpsuit and I was smitten.  

Kim Kardashians black Maria Lucia Marine jumpsuit

Personally I think velvet isn't very practical if you live in a tropical country like Nigeria though, but I suppose you can wear pieces of it like a velvet skirt, velvet shoes or bits and bobs of it here and there but I doubt if wearing a velvet dress is sensible on a hot Lagos afternoon.  I don't own a velvet outfit yet but I'm not averse to owning anything in velvet.  

Kim Kardashian emerald green wrap dress

I think one of the reasons I don't own anything in velvet is because its also used in upholstery, I don't want people snickering and comparing my outfit to their granny's favourite sofa.  There's even a word for velvet upholstery in ibo...I think it's 'hakwuche' (don't think I got the spelling right).  I suppose it's better wearing a plain velvet outfit than one with swirls and stuff (reminiscent of your nan's sofa).

I love the jewel tone of the colour of the frock she's wearing in the picture above, its very classy and don't you just love the embellished shoulders and the train of the dress?  Well I do!

As for the red-one-arm-leopard print thingy above, I can't say much.  I just know it's not my thing.


Sunday, November 04, 2012

Currently Coveting: Tom Ford Gold Chain Wedges and the Mulberry Willow

I know covetousness is a sin and all but there are just some things that are worth the risk of eternal damnation (joke).  It was love at first sight for me when I laid eyes on this Tom Ford Spring 2012 gold chain wedges, for someone like me who loves comfy and sensible heels, this one easily takes the cake.  I've sworn off high heels for a bit after I pulled a muscle or something on my right foot and have been hobbling around for a couple of days now.  Yes it's painful and swollen and yes I've been enjoying the attention I've been getting as everyone has been so kind and nice to me because of it.

Tom Ford Gold Chain Wedges on Beyonce and Rihanna

The stars know a good thing when they see it so it's no surprise stars like Bey, Riri and KimK have been snapped wearing this loveliness.  Above, Beyonce teamed hers with black skinny jeans and a to-die-for red blazer for dinner with Jay-Z and Rihanna wore hers with a simple black dress and a clutch to her Grandnan's funeral.

Emma Watson wearing Tom Ford

Above, Emma Watson wore hers for an appearance in David Letterman's show.  I'd say her's is my fave look.  I like the black and white combo.  It's so hard to believe she's Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. 

KimK did an all-black-e'erything above, I like her leather skirt. 

Like most good things,  this beauty isn't cheap, she comes in at £800 per pop. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Kate Moss carrying the Mulberry Willow tote

Another thing I'm also coveting is the Mulberry Willow bag from the Spring 2013 collection.  I first saw it on the runway (saw the pictures, I mean) during the London Fashion Week and it got me at hello.  It's currently not available to buy at least for the next four months but Kate Moss seems to be the first celebrity that has been snapped carrying it.  Personally, I prefer the sorbet colour variation (pictured below) to her embossed croc one (pictured above).

The best part of it is the front part is detachable and can be carried as a clutch!  Awesome!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Leopard, Mustard, Sorbet, Caramel and Chocolate

I'm so happy I'm over the bloggers block and back to regular posting

 These past couple of days, Angie and I have been hanging out a lot more than usual.  We decided to catch up on some juicy goss and calories (insert sarcastic statement HERE) at Coldstone. 

Turquoise Leopard Print top

For our outing, I choose two item of clothing I had no idea would go together.  I bought this turquoise leopard print top for sale and decided to keep one of the for myself (it came in brown as well but the turquoise one sold out faster, if I knew my customers would love the turquoise one more, I'd have bought more).  For bottoms, I picked this mustard coloured skinnies and accessorised with black ballerina shoes and a brown messenger bag.

I don't know if I'm the only person it happens to, but I get confused whenever I get to the counter to order ice-cream,  I'd planned to order vanilla, pistacho, Oreo cookies and caramel but I turned to a blubbering idiot as soon I was confronted with more than twenty flavours.  In my confusion, I ended up picking lemon sorbet, M&M's, choc chips and caramel.   

Mustard Jeans

The lemon sorbet mixed with all that sweetest was awesome!  I liked the tanginess/sweetness.

P.S. I left the house wearing a hat but changed my mind midway to Coldstone and ditched it. 


P.S.  I know my face looks more tan than normal, it's not the camera.  I'm trying out new products (powder and foundation)....guess I'll have to try something else.


Top:  Marena Keneva

Jeans:  Oasis

Flats:  Aldo

Bag:  Aldo