Friday, November 23, 2012

Celeb Style Spotlight: Kim's Velvet Crush

 Velvet....the word brings to mind luxe and plushness.  Not only does it feel nice when one runs fingers over it, it actually makes an outfit look rich.  If there's one celeb that is seriously crushing on velvet is Kim K,  I wonder if there's a huge section in her extensive closet that houses an enviable velvet collection.  I first noticed her velvet obssession when pictures of her wearing THAT emerald green velvet Gucci wrap dress (pictured below).  I loved the way it hugged her curves and the colour was just out of this world.  I stumbled into this picture of her wearing a $1,076 Maria Lucia Hohan Marine jumpsuit and I was smitten.  

Kim Kardashians black Maria Lucia Marine jumpsuit

Personally I think velvet isn't very practical if you live in a tropical country like Nigeria though, but I suppose you can wear pieces of it like a velvet skirt, velvet shoes or bits and bobs of it here and there but I doubt if wearing a velvet dress is sensible on a hot Lagos afternoon.  I don't own a velvet outfit yet but I'm not averse to owning anything in velvet.  

Kim Kardashian emerald green wrap dress

I think one of the reasons I don't own anything in velvet is because its also used in upholstery, I don't want people snickering and comparing my outfit to their granny's favourite sofa.  There's even a word for velvet upholstery in ibo...I think it's 'hakwuche' (don't think I got the spelling right).  I suppose it's better wearing a plain velvet outfit than one with swirls and stuff (reminiscent of your nan's sofa).

I love the jewel tone of the colour of the frock she's wearing in the picture above, its very classy and don't you just love the embellished shoulders and the train of the dress?  Well I do!

As for the red-one-arm-leopard print thingy above, I can't say much.  I just know it's not my thing.


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  1. Hey Bex, just like you, I'm so crushing on velvet right now! I swooned when I first saw Kim in that green dress and the jumpsuit on a blog..awesome! Like you said, we might not be able to pull off a full velvet dress in this sweltering dress, however a skirt would work. There's a lady I know who deals in fabric and she sells these exquisite pieces of embroidered velvet fabric. Imagine a piece paired with a lovely chiffon or chantilly lace blouse....ahhhh pure heaven!


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