Monday, March 05, 2012

Hot Lagos Nights!

Hello Dearies!!!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I did and wish I could rewind my life back to Friday.  Went out with the girls on Friday and Saturday night! It was awesome. So sad the next weekend is five days away. Anyway I decided to wear my silk floral back slit top from Select for the Friday outing.  Wore that pretty baby with navy blue shorts and a red velvet belt.

 Our first stop was the Polo Club Ikoyi for a friend's BF's party and from there we stormed La Casa for a spell and ended up at Movida.  It was fun and dancing all the way except for a minor incident where a friend had an asthmatic attack! We managed to sort her out and continued our outing.  Saturday night met us at Likwid.  Love Likwid cos of the hip crowd and nice music.  I left Likwid early cos I was tired. Anyway there's always next week!

 Ohhhh I forgot to dish about my shoes! I ab-so-lute-ly love em! I'll post a close-up picture of them on another post. I got them from New Look (surprising). Anyway they're real leather and tan brown. Very comfortable and of course the heels are sensible (Friends say I walk like a duck in high heels, its not my fault that I can't walk in them, they're just so uncomfortable!).

p.s. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, my Rebel T3i is still trying to find its way to real life from my dreams. lol


Top: Select

Shorts: River Island

Shoes: New Look

Bag: Gucci

Belt: Dorothy Perkins

Earrings: Select


  1. check

  2. hey bex,
    nice work. good job. u look stunning! i had a brilliant weekend, indoors though, movie and some wine with my pal:). i need some fashion advice, looking at ur photo i was wondering if it was okay to team brown shoes with black bag and red belt? i'm stuck in bag and shoes or belt and shoes same colour.
    cheers xx

  3. Thanks E4ma. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Movie and Wine with friends? Heavenly! Did you watch a tear-jerker or a chic flick?
    About your question, I understand why you would want to match your shoe, bags and belts as it seems to be the right thing to do. Personally, I try not to be so mix-matchy as matching stuff can be limiting. I decided to wear a brown shoe and carry a black bag cos both colours are neutrals, you can mix neutrals together and with any colour as long as there's a balance. My outfit was basically a mixture of neutrals, the top I had on is floral with accents of brown and cream and the shorts dark blue (almost black. Wearing a red belt was just to give the ensemble a much needed colour pop. It seems a risk right? I decided to go for it and it turned out ok.

  4. I notice how you like to drop hints on what you really wanna get, like in this case a Rebel T3i...Funny thing is: I also do it on my blog. In my case, I'm hoping the boyfriend will take a hint and get it. Another thing, do you always wear that one weave? Or is that the only one youve got? I think you should try to buy another. Sure you can afford it! What with your Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags, come on dahling!!

  5. Hello Mamie! Thanks for dropping by. Hope you enjoyed the posts I'm glad you took out time to drop a comment. I had a choice of not publishing your comment but decided to publish it so you know that your freedom of speech and expression isn't being obstructed. Glad to know you like my LV's and Guccis. Please drop by again and don't forget to drop more comments. Good luck with your boyfriend and camera.

    P.s. please send me a link to your blog. I'm sure it's wonderful.

  6. @mammie am disgusted by ur post. Bex I wonder why u published her yeye 'comment' there's beef acooking n I smell it coming from mammie. Did u bother to read the new post? Didn't u notice Bex carrying her own hair? Must we all fix different weaves as a status symbol thing? If she has a weave she likes to wear all day every day what is it to u? Like u said mammie she's rocking Gucci and Vuittons so it means weaves aren't a thing for miss thang. Bet ur ass can't afford ur self some designer gear. Bitchiness is sooo last season. Bex carry go jo.

  7. lol @ Ada on 11 yr old Mamie..... don't sweat it.
    @ Mamie: hmmm... wat a post, Now I know the Internet isn't for everyone.


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