Thursday, September 13, 2012

NYFW 2012: Marchesa RTW

OMG I just have to gosh about this! Marchesa Ready to Wear did it for me!  Unless you've you been living under a rock (with no laptop, ipad, phone and wifi) these past couple of days and you hate fashion then you're excused if you don't know the New York Fashion Week just ended.  Yours sincerely wasn't there in person but with nearly every fashion blog giving up-to-date tidbits I kinda felt like I was there in person. I spent countless hours slouched over my laptop looking at pictures from the shows, reading posts from bloggers who were live in NYC for the shows.  I've seen dozens of street style fashion (most of them colourful and creative but some have just being too absurd to be honest).  

I'll admit it I was green with envy when I found out my friend Nneka (of was in New York for NYFW! Lucky girl!  I've always had vivid dreams of me bagging 'frow' (front row) seats next to Kimye or Solange and making oh la la sounds as the models sashay down the runway just a couple of feet away from me (so close I can practically touch them).  Oh well.......

Anyway, the preview of Marchesa's spring collection on Wednesday was staged in Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall on Wednesaday.  As expected Kim and Kanye got frow and Tyra Banks was also in attendance.  

Going through the catwalk pictures, I  was delighted to see it was Indian inspired.  there were saris, gold, pearls, intricate beadings, tulle, embroidery, fringes, brocades, jewels, cropped pants. I swooned when I saw the jewel encrusted Christian Louboutin kitten heels!!

Am happy to share my personal faves from the show below:

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  1. Pretty dresses..I wonder why most of them are in navy blue color? Pretty all the same.

    I nominated you for the LIEBSTER AWARD. Check out the rules in my recent post...:)

  2. I guess my best colour is blue! LOL. Marchesa dresses are to die for!

    You nominated me for the Liebster Award! Wow thanks! I'm so touched! OMG! *hug*hug* I'm answering the questions now! now!


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