Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Red snake and leopard

Hello Everyone,

Glad to be back from the long hiatus. I can't remember the last time I was this busy. As if running my own business wasn't enough yours truly has gone back to paid employment! Gasp! Yes I'm back to the daily hustle and bustle, no more sleeping late at 3a.m watching old John Wayne westerns and Ancient Aliens on cable and waking up at 10a.m for me.  Do I like the hustle? Yeah...maybe.

While out shopping last month, I spotted this M&S red animal print tube skirt in a corner looking abandoned and lonely and instantly I knew I had to have it!  Luckily for me it was on sale and the mark down was amazing.  I hurriedly picked it up and was able to find the same skirt but in grey (The grey one is a size 16, email me if interested. Price is reasonable) for a lucky customer.  I picked a lot of nice things for myself and for my clothes selling business (yes I sell clothes, bags and shoes in case I didn't mention it earlier)

Instead of reluctantly waking up and dragging myself out of bed at 10a.m, I now wake up at 5a.m at the first wail of the alarm clock and blindly find my way to the bathroom where I first give myself a good blast of very cold water to jolt me awake (can't say if it works though....).  After a couple of days of wasting valuable hours in traffic because I spend an average of half an hour trying to decide what to wear, I decided to pick my outfit for the week on saturday and model in front of my sister who is very critical, she tends to tut disapprovingly at combos she hates and grunts at the ones she likes.  

One of my new year resolutions was to seriously pursue my hobbies and interests, I've always been quite good at art especially drawing and sketching (I don't think they mean the same thing o) and I'm a bit good at baking so I decided to hone my baking skills and pursue fashion illustration.  My next post titled Sharpies and Crayolas is going to be my first fashion illustration post, watch this blog y'all!

Marks and Spencer animal print tube skirt

Anyway back to my OOTD, I'm wearing a black peplum top with gold embellishments on the waist to give the illusion of a slim waist line, there's of course the tube skirt in a print that looks like a cross of leopard print and snakeskin.  I accessorised with an embellished collar necklace, a black bag, sensible mid heel shoes (Mid heels are very this season btw, here's hoping towering-heels-loving-fashionistas will follow this trend) and some arm candy in gold.

Zara shopper bag

Funny thing I noticed is that the pattern on my snakeskin ipad case totally resembles the print on my skirt!

Kenneth Cole iPad case

I wanted to stack some serious arm candy but didn't think it would be work appropriate so I settled for 3 instead.

arm candy

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Fashion Credit

Top:  Warehouse

Skirt:  Marks and Spencer

Shoes:  Aldo

Bag:  Zara

iPad Case:  Kenneth Cole

Collar:  Dorothy Perkins (or maybe New Look, collar don't carry tags)


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