Tuesday, July 30, 2013

(Paper) Bag Lady

As far as skirts go, I'm a pencil-skirt-wearing-kinda-girl.  I usually don't mess with pleats, A-line and everything in between as I think they're not flattering on me.  This paper-bag skirt from Asos caught my eye because it was dirt cheap the vibrant green looked awesome and I imagined wearing it with a blue top to get that green on blue contrast that I'd being keening for. 

Well the skirt arrived and it turned out to be a midi skirt which didn't flatter me in anyway.  A quick dash to Ahmet the obioma tailor sorted the length and when it was time for the skirt to get some action I realised the blue top I wanted to wear it with was the wrong shade! Arghhhh! 

Asos textured paper-bag skirt

I decided to wear it with a black chiffon sleeveless shirt and accessorised with a statement necklace.

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Fashion Credit

Shirt:  New Look

Skirt:  Asos

Shoes:  Zara

Necklace:  Accessorize


  1. Pretty skirt! I love the colour!
    U look lovely, hun!


  2. Lovely skirt. And the color and cut looks so good on you.


  3. Thanks @ Blazy and StyleFash thankssssss

  4. Lovely Skirt. Loving the combo and the Chunky neck piece


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