Sunday, October 20, 2013

When Berry, Bex and StyleFash became the Powerpuff Girls!!!!

To be honest I started blogging 'cos I was looking for a medium where I could creatively express myself.  I've always loved fashion so I thought to myself...why not? Why not blog about the one thing you love, a couple of months spent mulling over whether to blog or not, bexluvs2dress was born.  I'm a shy person and kinda reserved (HARD TO BELIEVE) and don't go out of my way to make friends so when I started making friends via my blog I didn't know how to pursue these friendships.  Enter Stylefash and Berry into my bloglife, Stylefash is the madam at the top of the fashion blog Stylefash (Please click link, thanks) and Berry is the madam patapata of the blog BerryDakara (Please click link, thanks). Stylefash was the first person to make a connection, she met Berry somewhere and these two went crazy (making people around look nervously at them and hurry away I'm sure) shouting and calling each other Stylefash and Berry as they didn't know each other's real name.  Well to cut a sweet story short three of us decided to meet up.  Aside frrom this blog, I have another blog BexCoox which is a food blog and I've not been shy letting the whole world know how much I love Indian food, luckily we all love Indian food so we decided to meet up at Spice Route (on Adeola Odeku Str, V.I. Lagos).

Like I said earlier, I kinda suck at meeting new people and I actually thought of calling to say I wasn't going to show up.  I kept wondering how they'd be, would Berry be snotty with a fake American accent? Would StyleFash be a talkative and bossy? I decided to satisfy my curiousity and go.  We agreed we would not exchange numbers or BB pins till we met so we kept communicating via emails.  I decided to dress as casual as I could, I wore a powder blue ankle skimming pants, a tee-shirt with an Ann Wintour look-alike on it and flat sandals.  I arrived first (not 'cos I'm like that but cos I had brunch with a friend earlier and finished earlier than I thought) and got us a table and waited...Stylefash arrived first and I squealed in delight and we hugged, sat down and ordered wine (that's when the fun began).  Shortly afterwards, Berry arrived resplendent in a lovely sequin top and gorgeous earrings, She was coming in from a wedding party where she had a glass of champagne so she was a bit buzzed and quite giggly (actually we were all giggly at this point).

I enjoyed myself thoroughly as we just bonded naturally, we found out we had friends in common and the conversation just flowed. we ordered Chicken Biryani, Seafood Curry and Chicken Vindaloo and more wine.  It was a lovely evening filled with laughs, ooohs, ahhhs and ehennnnns. At the end of the evening I learnt some fun things about my new friends top two being:

1.  Stylefash went to fashion school (I tripped)
2.  Berry has been natural since 2006

We are meeting in a couple of weeks for another blog sisters date...can't wait!  Below are some of the pics we took

Berry (R) StyleFash (L)

The Restaurant manager said this huge statue is made of papier marche

Outside Spice Route

'How come there's no chips on the menu? I want chips!!!'

What we ordered

I had mad crazy fun. StyleFash's Mr. C dubbed us the PowerPuff girls after he heard our names, StyleFash, Berry and Bex.  Very Hilarious.

Fashion Credit

Pants:  Next

T-Shirt:  Zara

Sandals:  Aldo


  1. I 100000000% LOVE THIS POST! Beautiful writing!

    So wait, you were going to bail on us? Fash, come ooooooooo!

  2. hahaaha @ your expectations... So you planned to escape...LOL. Love the post dearie


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