Thursday, October 03, 2013

Wide-Legged Pants

I'm just gonna go ahead and apologize for doing an almost-silent-post.  I've been uber busy these couple weeks! Busy doing what? Well busy getting materials for my new blog thats what!  Don't worry it's not another fashion blog (thankfully), it's blog!  Yes you read right, a food blog. Aside dressing up Bex likes to cook..and bake....and pore over complicated recipes.  The blog address is

I'd appreciate it if you head off to bexcoox right now and read, comment and follow.  So please skip over to bexcoox and tell me what you think.

For this post I'm wearing a blue wide legged pant with a peach coloured sleeveless blouce tucked in and my spiky pointy kitten heels.  I kinda like it when the hem of my pants nearly covers the heel of my shoes. I'm currently in love with this orangey citrusy red tote my friend Angie surprised me with, the burst of colour just does stuff to any outfit I choose to wear it with.  The gold studs on the side gives it this rock chic vibe and don't get me started on the tassels tied to one of the straps.......

Thanks for all the support and criticisms.

Fashion Credit

Pants:  Can't remember and too lazy to check 

Blouse:  River Island

Shoes:  Zara

Bag:  Kasha


  1. Hmmm... Wide legged pants and flats or low heels don't do it for me. I think dey make one look shorter( I'm a tall gall). Love ur hair though, I'm carrying smthing similar just now :) that said, I love indian food so u can imagine my thrill with bexcoox. keep it up hun am a fan. Cheers xxx
    E4ma DanJ

  2. I saw the link on my cousin's article on Bella Naija yesterday, and I was like "Bex?" Nah. Has to be another person.

    IT'S YOUUUUUUUU! Lemme see!

  3. love your wide legged pants

  4. sexy I love those pants on u

    my blog here


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