Friday, April 20, 2012

Casual Wednesday

Nothing beats spending an evening with friends just dressed down!  I mean the good ol' jeans and top kinda casual.  You know the kind of casual where you just blindly reach into your closet and lazily put an ensemble together right?  On Wednesday, I hung out with my friend Es (he's responsible for the cold bottle of Star you see in the picture below o! I don't drink beer, gimme a Frozen Magarita anyday).  We met up for dinner and juicy gossip at Pataya (A Thai restaurant on Adeola Hopewell). They serve this Catfish thingy that I can't seem to get enough of!

 I wore this cute knitted top I got from H&M cos it rained all day on Wednesday and I was feeling a bit chilly (hard to believe).  It came with the neck intact but I think an encounter with the washing machine made it a bit slack (You don't hear me complaining) and its now off-the-shoulders. I kinda like the way it slouches to one side really.....

The top is brown with black stripes or black with brown stripes (your choice) and I decided to wear a leopard print corsage to kinda like clash prints.  Its supposed to be trendy to clash your prints, Eku Edewor clashed hers once during the Arise fashion show and I thought it was very well done, she stuck to neutral colours and it all well came together. Liz a fashion blogger ( does some serious clashing that I like but can't risk (She's pictured below in one of her masterpieces.

For SS12 designers have sent models sashaying and strutting down the runways with prints that have no business being worn together.  Seeing that I'm no celeb and definitely never going to be a size 0, I decided to take the coward's way out.... by wearing the corsage. lol.

I wore the top with my fave Forever 21 skinnies and uber-cute ballerina flats.  I accessorized with 2 ivory coloured bangles and a cocktail ring.  Since my cute flats didn't show in the pictures above, I decided to take separate pictures of them.  I just love them!!! Comfy and cute!

P.s.  I'm writing an article for  the awesome neks2u. It'll be published pretty soon.  Please visit the site by clicking here neks2u for news, tips and pictures on fashion.


Fashion Credits
Top:  H&M

Corsage:  Dorothy Perkins

Jeans: Forever 21

Shoes: Aldo

Ring: Accessorize

Bangles: Accessorize

Watch:  Guess

Belt: Dorothy Perkins


  1. Hey Bex,
    I can’t beliv d neck of dis top came intact! Ur washing machine is a sure genius , totally love the slouch. Love ur clash prints n think I’m kinda going to give it a go, just that I am not really a patient dresser...have a lot to learn from u.
    I think you should also tell us about ur hair...I keep wondering what’s she wearing. You’re pretty too...(I think I am love struck *face covered*).

  2. Hi Boxit, I couldn't believe it when I took it out of the washer myself. I've had less fortunate run-ins with washers though. You're gonna clash your print?!! I admire your courage dear friend. please send a picture and I will put it up.

    My hair? I have Molado curly on. Thanks for the compliments *covers face and runs*


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