Friday, April 20, 2012

Teal Weekend (1)

Can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since my last post.  I wish I could reach into my Sports Billy type bag of excuses, rummage for a bit and fish out a lovely tangible excuse (Remember Sports Billy? That cartoon from the 80's where the sports-loving kid from a planet called Olympus had a bag called the 'Omni-Sack' which could produce anything Billy wanted when he dipped his hands into it? How I've dreamed long and hard for a bag like that. My first dip would produce the Christian Louboutin spiked Pigalle shoes Monica wore in the music video "It All Belongs to Me" as shown below, second will be the car, then the Balmain Jacket, then the weave, then the....enough Bex!!!)

Below is a close up on the spiky red-bottom beauty that goes for $1,095 and is even sold out! Chei....

Okayyyy, back to today's post! Where was I...right, excuses abi? I have none. Mea Culpa. It is my fault. Isabel from Kenya, I apologize for the long periods between posts. Thanks for the emails and suggestions. 

Right! I'm not much of a wedding 'goer' I hardly attend weddings. I have a sinking feeling that my own wedding would be attended by a sparse sprinkling of friends and few relatives from side who are only attending 'cos my dad had threatened them! To avoid this shame I have decided on a destination wedding in Malta! Love the Mediterranean. Lovely beaches, food, men....ahem! Anyway this past weekend, I decided to go for Bola and Kennedy's wedding in Lagos. Actually my friend Shirley talked me into attending and I'm glad I went.  I wore this lovely Teal coloured dress that I bought moons ago.  Turns out the uber chic and very successful Celine Loader wore this dress to the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) in 2010! Below is Loader wearing hers (courtesy of BellaNaija, 2010)

I love how she tied the belt with the a knot in front! Stylish. Anyway I decided to wear mine to the wedding. I wore mine with silver mid-heels (Y'all know that I can't wear towering heels), black clutch (not pictured) and a silver cuff. Simple.

There was no need to over-do with accessories as the dress has a to-die-for bib of embellishments which is the focal point of the dress.  The teal has a certain sheen to it so the dress just shimmers and speaks for itself. 

The wedding was fun, there was loads to drink and eat.  As with most Nigerian events, there was loads to see too. I spied Aliko Dangote from the corner of my eyes. I.K was the emcee and was funny as usual.  Tiwa Savage screamed and screeched her hits and Naeto C reminded me why I liked his hit song 'Kini Big Deal'.

Overall, it was a lovely wedding and I'm glad I went.  Maybe I'll start attending weddings more often.....

Watch this space for my next post (Teal weekend pt. 2)



Fashion Credits
Dress: Warehouse

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Watch: Moschino

Cuff: Wallis

Earring: Forever 21


  1. Love your dress! Love how you make dressing up seem so effortless and fun!

  2. Hei! I love how I connected with you whilst reading your post. You're cool and intelligent! I think I am kinda going to be looking upto you now...wink wink.

  3. Gee thanks guys *runs away from the spotlight*


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