Sunday, April 01, 2012

Lost But Found

Hello duhlings! How you doooooing (pulling a Wendy face). Sorry for the long hiatus in between posts.  A certain internet provider I choose not to mention that I use chose to put me out of commission for a whole week.  The provider starts with an S and ends with an S. Anyway on to the business of today.  Have you ever lost something you really like and found years later after you've mourned and forgotten about it? Yes? Then you know what I'm talking about!

Last week while sorting through a pile of clothes I was trying to recycle, I found my denim jacket! I lost this little gem a while ago and thought someone had nicked it (Jessica I'm not calling you a thief o. Jess is my flatmate/older sister who is a size 8 and has left me to balloon to a chubby 12. Granted she can't fit into the jacket but still.....). What made the disappearance more painful was the fact that I had only worn it once before it vanished. Anyway fast-forward a whole year, I found my 'monkey jacket' resting beneath a pile of castoffs.

A denim jacket might not mean a lot to some people but it I like the way throwing it over an outfit gives the ensemble a casual feel.  Imagine wearing a maxi belted dress with a denim jacket and a slouchy messenger bag slung over a shoulder and resting on your hips and a pair of dark shades....effortlessly casual chic!

 I decided to wear the jacket that same evening to meet up friends for drinks on the Island.  Felt like showing some legs so I wore my trusty black mini skirt, a pink embellished silk blouse, a pair of gold slippers, a stack of bangles and the denim jacket and I was good to go. 

 Sorry for the short post. Just wanted to share my happiness! If I had my way, I'd wear her every day!


Fashion Credits

Denim Jacket:  Forever 21

Blouse:  Et Vous

Skirt:  Zara

Shoes:  Savannah

Bag:  Louis Vuitton

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