Friday, April 12, 2013

An (unstructured) Ode to Friday

So happy it's Friday!  Friday is like the most magical day of the week! Friday reeks of possibilities, fun, and freedom.  Every pending file is safely tucked into a drawer and it seems like the  hands of the clock are taking their sweet time before hitting 5pm! Oh the longing, the despair, the wait!

While all of this is happening your boss is probably thinking of that email you promised to respond to but haven't but being the good sport that he is he decides to let you off!

The numbers on your 1988 retro Casio watch finally changes to 5.00pm and you jump up snapping your fingers and exchanging your flats for your heels, your nude lipgloss is replaced by the 'girl around town' shade of lipstick from Mac.  The weekend is here.....just two days they say but by God you'll rock it like its a full lifetime!

Fashion Credit
Beaded sequin vest:  Zara
Jeans:  River Island
Shoes:  Dune
Blazer:  H&M


  1. Love the intricate beadwork on that vest!
    Nice look, babe.


  2. It's lovely right? Thanks dearie


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