Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Business in Front and Party at the Back

Woke up this morning to cloudy skies and leaves swirling around in the wind, for me it was a welcome relief from the fierceness of the sun and the skin scorching, hair singeing  heat that we experience here in Nigeria almost on a daily basis.

I decided to go double frill today.  I whipped out my graphic print peplum in black and white (sooooooo this season) and paired it with a red skirt which looks businesslike in front but with frills at the back. 

Fashion Credit

Top:  Zara

Skirt:  Zara

Shoes:  Zara


  1. I'm interested in knowing your skincare reginmen. You have really lovely skin! Would you be a charm and spill? I'm coming over from Bella Naijas where I saw your comment and now I have to read your whole blog!

    Well done on the outfit! Pity I can't rock this to the bank where I work. Oh well!!

  2. Thanks Josephine. My skincare regime is pretty straightforward. I scrub thrice weekly using a homemade mix of brown sugar and coconut oil as I have very dry skin I slather my skin afterwards with pure virgin coconut oil or Shea butter (which tends to leave a funky, dodgy smell afterwards. lol). On normal days I use Makari lotion and soap. My skin look better here cos some of the pictures are edited though.

  3. @ Josephine, thanks for stopping by and reading!!!

  4. Hola Bex! Thank you for the tip! Really appresh! Bless u!

  5. Thanks Josephine! How's your day going?


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