Sunday, May 26, 2013

Denim vs. Denim 2

For work last Friday I decided to wear denim on denim, thankfully I work in an office where the dress code isn't too strict so it wasn't really a problem.  

This isn't the first time I'm doing a denim on denim post though, decided to do another one now that I have a clearer camera.

Got these sandals from Zara that I'm currently obssessed with,  one shopping rule I live by is 'if you like it, buy it in another colour' so yours sincerely got another pair in blue (watch out for it in my next post).

I'm sure by now my regular readers know how much I hate heels (ok I don't really hate them, for some reason I just can't walk around in them all day like 'regular' folks) but this sandals are soooo different 'cos they're uber comfy and don't make me waddle like a penguin on slippery ice.

The back of the sandals has this gold detail that gives it an extra o la la.

The metal tip at the edge of the collar on the denim shirt and style of the breast pocket gives the shirt that western feel that I really like coupled with its medium wash.  To give an illusion of being slimmer opt for a pair of jeans in a darker wash than the top.

To make a butt look more.... compact....smaller.....or maybe pert wear a pair of jeans with lower pockets to draw attention away from a wide behind (*cough*)

One great thing about this look was that I didn't need to change for after-work-cocktails, I just opened one more button on my shirt, put on lip gloss and my false lashes and I was ready for TGIF!!

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Fashion Credit

Denim Shirt:  Oasis

Jeans:  Tommy Hilfiger

Sandals:  Zara

Bag:  Prada


  1. Pretty look and I love your hair!
    Have a fab week!


  2. Thanks Blazy, haven't seen a post from you in ages! Miss your posts! have a fab week as well

  3. Cool outfit, loving the jeans on jeans combo

  4. If those lovely sandals go missing, don't look too far...hehehe. You look lovely as always girl.


  5. You are just too hot, babe! Loving the denim combo, your body fits in nicely...and the sandals...ohhhh..sandalgasm

  6. LOL love the sandals too. Not sure im about to have a sandalgasm tho!

  7. Thanks FashRehab, Stylefash I'm missing the left foot ooo. I'm sure you nicked it. LOL.Zee, I will bb my response to you....heeheehee. Anon 23:47 thanks for the compliment! Lol@ Sandalgasm...

  8. I love the denim on denim look and the pop of colour from the shoes, effortlessly cool

  9. Hey Girl, are you okay? Have missed your posts. xxx

  10. I love those sandals too and you do look great. I love that denim on denim look always


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