Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Black Pleather

Hi guys,
For reasons I cannot explain lately I've been drawn to the colour black. Could I be drawn to it cos of the slimming effect it gives (yeah I think I've piled back the pounds I lost early this year) or its sense of mystery......Maybe it's me trying to seem invisible and blend in with the crowd.

The dress featured in this post is to die for as it's bang on trend, it's got the peplum thing in leather (not real leather though..more like pleather).  The dress is sooooooo sexy and classy at the same time as it just hugs the curves in a good way and is just the right length.

For more ommph I added a skinny mock red snake skin belt

I had a couple of meetings yesterday and have learnt from experience how cold some clients offices can be so I threw on my trusty leopard print cardie.

I always advice people to plan their day ahead and dress accordingly, if you're going to be jumping from office to office, place to place all day make sure you wear comfy shoes, nothing screams desperation and unsexy than a girl hobbling painfully around in six-inch plus heels that pinch and trying to keep a straight-face.

Last but not least I put on a genuine smile and with a defiant flip of my weave I was ready to face the day! 

Fashion Credit
Dress:  Dorothy Perkins

Belt:  Primark

Shoes:  Aldo

Cardigan:  Zara


  1. Babes so you have hot shape like this and you've been hiding it in clothes that cover you up? Sacrilege! Love your combo and style, sexy but decent at the same time. Keep em coming

  2. Don't mind her, I know her and Bex is hawt! The babe gather hips and ass. Bex don't deny o, show us full werking!!!!! Stylish Bex with a great personality to match! One man will end up very lucky ooooooooooooooooo

  3. Gee thanks *takes her shoes off and flees from the spotlight*

  4. Do you have this dress for sale? or can you get it for me? Size 8.

  5. I am falling in love with your style...keep d stylish fire burning.

  6. I am falling in love with ur style...pls keep the stylish fire burning:)

  7. @ Anon 5.15.Sorry I'm out of stock at the moment.


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