Monday, May 20, 2013

Moody Monday

I own one of the most comfortable pair of trousers on the planet! Yes I say this with pride cos it fits amazingly well, well tailored, it's in a colour that is to-die-for and most importantly it was a total bargain!  Infact it was a steal! Like everyone around me knows, I'm not too grand to admit that I scour the sales rack for bargains....why pay a tenner when you can score the same item for a fiver? I usual go for items that are classical and won't go out of style the next season (I don't thump my nose at trendy things!  If I like it I just buy it....).

H&M pants

These pictures were taken last Monday when I was sure my boss wasn't in the office so the photo shoot was done in a mighty rush so excuse the picture quality.s

Zara Blazer

Back to the pants at hand (well on legs to be exact), I get all sorts of compliments when I wear it and I'm trying my darnest best not to wear it as much as I feel like so it'd last longer and yes I handwash it too (don't get me started on how many times I've kicked the washing machine for shrinking, bleeding or stretching beloved item of clothing).

River Island blouse

 The colour of the pants is kinda orangey peachy and my ass looks pert and less wobbly in it.  

I wore it with a cream cowl neck silk blouse, a dark blue blazer and nude shoes.

Zara nude shoes

Fashion Credit

Blazer:  Zara

Blouse:  River Island

Trousers:  H & M

Shoes:  Zara


  1. Hi Bex love your blog... Gone through all your posts and love your style. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    P.s i nominated you for liebster award.

  2. @style Fash! Thanks sweety! You nominated lil ol' me? Thanks a mil. Can u send me the link?

  3. Hey Bex its

  4. Hey Bex its

  5. There is honestly no flaw in this outfit! Tres chic from head to toe xx

  6. Thanks Essi!! Stylefash I'll get to the nomination Asap! Tomilola dearest thanks for stopping by, thanks for the compliment dear.


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