Thursday, August 29, 2013

By their stripes you shall know them..

A certain someone told me that I hardly do patterns and prints, I have to admit I got on the defensive and told her that I do prints and loads of it at that. Having defended myself and kinda bullied the poor chick into believing I do prints I rushed home, put my laptop on, rushed to iPhotos and then it hit me.....hardly any print in seemed as if everything was in solids, colourful at times but solids.  I refused to accept it and ran to my wardrobe....same thing, mostly solids save for some paisley patterned tops, 4 stripey TM Lewin shirts, a jacket with a smattering of sequins, my striped jacket, some weird patterned skirts, quite a few number of clothing items in animal prints and some floral dresses. It hit me that I unconsciously stay away from stuff with patterns and prints, maybe it reflects my dislike for complication in real life.  I hate wahala.  I stay away from over-complicated and unpredictable people.  I don't like uncertainties and surprises (I kinda liked my last surprise birthday though, just didn't like the fact that I was fooled. lol).

Anyway to prove my friend wrong, I decided to wear stripes the very next day! I dug out this brown and black striped top from somewhere that I would not mention as it is beyond belief and paired it with black bottoms.  I wanted a relaxed but office-worthy look so I wore a pair of brown loafers,


Aldo leather loafers

Accessorize necklace and F21 ring

Lipsy wrap around belt

I hope that certain someone sees this post. lol


Fashion Credit

Top:  Dorothy Perkins

Trousers:  Zara

Belt:  Lipsy

Shoes:  Aldo


  1. Love this outfit! Very chic and comfortable


  2. Thanks Neks! Guess who's bday it is next week?! *wink*

    Zee Mama! Thankssssssssssss

  3. Hey dearie, this has got to be one of the 'spookyest' posts i've seen. I just took pictures with the same top for my next post and just saved them to blog later tonight cos i have been so lazy with my blog lately. And i just opened your page and...OMG...LOL, you have the same post up. If you'll permit me, i'll have to use your pictures for my story. Wow...

    Really Love how you styled yours.

  4. @ Shana. thanks dearie!

    @Stylefash: Babes i know that feeling. Twas the same for me when I saw your Asos wiggle dress post, I was thinking of doing a shoot only that same week o! Please feel very free to use my pics! My wiggle dress is still at my tailors place cos I gave him to adjust and trust naija tailors to hold your stuff till your clothing item goes out of style! As soon as it comes out I'm doing a post and will use your pic too!

  5. this look is effortlessly chic. I love the striped top

  6. Hey babes, okay this comment isn't meant to be posted but i have scrolled up and down your blog looking for your email, i nor see am...LOL.

    Berry and i were thinking about 3 of us hooking up soon. It would be so cool. What do you think?
    You can send me a mail on

    Hugs xxx

  7. Love love love

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  8. Very simple yet cute at the same time i like itttttttttt:)

    My blog here

  9. Love your outfits and necklaces


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