Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Denim Shirt meets Yellow Jeans x2

Hello Guys, long time I know.  I've been mega busy trying to earn a living hence the long hiatus.  Well glad to say I'm back. Kinda missed blogging though. The Olympics have come and gone and all I can say is GBR did well.  I was caught up in the whole excitement and gt myself some memorabilia that I hope to pass on to my kids (that and loads of money I pray).   

 One item of clothing I wore out this summer was my denim shirt.  I wore it so much that when I put it in the washer there was this feeling of near nakedness till it was out dry and back on my back.  Well to solve this 'earth threatening' state of emergency, I decided to buy an extra one (I also had this fear of 'someone' nicking it...Jessica I am in no way referring to you)

June and I (please ignore her open hind-legs)

Well good thing I'm back home now. I missed my bed and all things familiar to me.  Most of all I missed my closet and all the goodies in it.  I got this yellow jeans from H&M which is just the right shade I like and super soft to the touch.  Being pear shaped the thought of wearing bright coloured jeans have always made my heart sink as I envision every cellulite and jiggly parts enhanced and displayed for all to see (I have very healthy self-esteem but wouldn't wear what I know is a faux pas or doesn't fit). Well I decided to get this one because the colour isn't too bright and.....well because it's just so pretty (bite me).

Lovely colour block heels from Baratts

 I decided to wear my yellow skinnies with my season's best friend and try some colour blocking whilst I was at it!

Aldo bag

I got this really nice pair of heels on sale from Baratts and the bag (also on sale) from Aldo. Extreme colour blocking downright frightens me but something tells me I did okay here.... (no harsh comments please!)

H&M yellow skinny jeans

 I got nice comments all day that day that I decided to wear the same outfit again the following week.  This time, I decided to keep it casual.  I just replaced the heels with my fave pair of flats (we've been everywhere you can imagine together) and the new addition to my bag collection.

Next denim shirt

The Prada Saffiano had been haunting my dreams for a loooong time now. The bag is soooooooo awesome that I think I'll call her Guiliana (I think the bag's italian 'cos she bag whispers to me at night in a rather throaty italian accent from her perch near my bed. I think she's rather snotty too!).


Prada blue saffiano bag

 Ah yes, the question about June the dog in the first picture?  Well I think that's how dogs pose for pictures....right?

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Fashion Credit

Denim Shirt:  Next

Inner vest:  New Look

Jeans: H&M

Heels:  Barratts

Watch:  Moschino

Bracelets:  Lipsy and Next

Necklace:  Accessorize

1st Bag:   Aldo

 2nd Bag:  Prada

Flats:  Office


  1. This is really nice...got a yellow skinny myself now i can combine.Tnx Bex!

  2. Love the weave,what's the name pls?


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