Monday, August 20, 2012

Scarf Print

Hi everyone, happy eid mubarak to my muslim friends.  Pity this isn't the ram eating sallah.....oh well.

As everyone knows by now scarf prints are soooo totally in. This season saw the resurgence of the baroque (scarf print) trend both on the runway and the high street.  Remember the 80's and 90's that had Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Helena Christensen rocking Versace’s silk baroque print outfits (with massive safety pins and gold everywhere) to rappers like Notorious B.I.G (rapping about watching us from his Versace shades)? The 80’s and early 90’s were definitely the heydays of this trend. 

Zara scarf print blouse

Fast forward more than a decade after the scarf print is back! Versace, Pucci, Chanel and D&G are mostly to blame for this resurrection.  As expected celebs have piled on the bandwagon sporting scarf prints to die for. Celebs like Tyga, Rick Ross, Rihanna, Beyonce and Drake have decided to get their Versace print on.

It trickled down to normal folks (like you and me unless one of the above mentioned celebs decides to drop by and is reading this) when Versace did a collaboration with H&M last year. Yours sincerely missed out on the opportunity to get my claws on any of the items but my pain was soothed when high street brands like River Island started churning out their own version of the trend. I am not ashamed to say I have gone slightly overboard with my purchases (high street versions of course).

I got this gorgeous scarf print shirt from Zara. The thought of wearing prints splattered with bright swirls, paisleys,gold chains and medusa heads (a la versace) gave me goosies when I thought about it so this print was right up my street when I saw it.

I saw this really nice scarf print blouse on the Onyinye Fafi-Obi's blog (click HERE to view the wonder), if you view the comments section you'll read how I unabashedly begged for the blouse. She hasn't gotten back to me yet so I guess it's a no then fashionphoenix06....right?


Well guess I'll have to keep an eye on her blog for her monthly blog sale (she owns and runs Elsie Vintage). 

 The uber skinny jeans is from New Look.  I've had it for a while but stopped wearing it because I couldn't squeeze into it, thank God for stress and sensible eating I am proud to say that I've lost some weight and the jeans now fit like a glove.

Jon Richard's charm necklace
 The neck piece is from Jon Richards.

Topshop orange perforated shoes

The orange hued pumps are from Topshop. I ab-so-lute-ly love them!!!!!

smile designed by Bex

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Fashion Credits

Shirt: Zara

Jeans:  New Look

Shoes:  Topshop

Bag:  DKNY

Necklace:  Jon Richards


  1. Hi Becky...
    So sorry for not replying your comment.
    Your outfit is so pretty! Lovveee the shoes.
    My scarf print blouse is yours anytime.

  2. @ Onyinye Yay! thanks dearie!

  3. Loving the look, the curves and have a gift of mixing lovely pieces and accessories to create a to-die-for look....really proud of you darl, love xoxo Diva

  4. Thanks Diva!!! Love you more

  5. Love!Love!!Love!!!
    Please post the nail polish to me now biko!hehehe

  6. @LPS, send ur addy and postcode asap! It Revlon Red Hot Tamale. I got it from a stall in Enfield Town Centre market for £1.50! What a steal right?!


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