Wednesday, August 22, 2012

High-waisted Jeans


I've always loved high-waisted skinny jeans. I mean whats not to like? It's supposed to accentuate a woman's curves right? Someone once told me it wasn't for women with curves and I half believed her but decided to try it out for myself.  

To avoid looking like a huge carrot by wearing a tight fitted top, I decided to wear a baggy shirt instead.

 The jeans is a dark green affair which unfortunately isn't showing in the pictures (my birthday is on the 3rd of September maybe I'll get a camera a a birthday pressie *hint*hint*) . I wore an orange shirt to compliment the colour of the jeans.

I wore a pair of brown high heeled block-heeled shoes with this cute bow on it.

 I decided to give my hair a breather by not wearing a wig or weave.  Honestly, I'm tired of wearing weaves that I ran out and bought a couple of wigs for those days that I need me a little more than what God gave me.  My hair sits below my collarbone and is healthy. I have thought about going au naturel and have decided it's not for me, I don't have the time nor the patience for the careful primping, combing and shea-buttering. I'm neither on the side of Team Relaxer nor Team Natural, just do whatever suits you.

I love these shoes because they are super high with chunky heels which makes them super balanced so I don't topple over or waddle around.


Thanks for all the emails and comments.  


Fashion Credit

Shirt:  Next

Jeans:  Next

Shoes:  Dorothy Perkins

Glasses:  Topshop

Cuffs:  Topshop

Bag:  Loius Vuitton

Ring: Accesorize

Watch:  Moschino


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