Monday, August 27, 2012

Peplum Lace-on-Lace

Peplum, nice word. Has a certain ring to it. Well The Peplum is one of this season’s hottest trends! My fave part is the fact that it can cover jiggly bits and still deliver glamour. I mean the Peplum has to be God sent! Personally, I love me a garment that is feminine, practical and bang on trend.

Zara blue lace peplum blouse

I've had my eye on this lovely lacy peplum number from Zara for a while and when Zara went on sale, it was the first item I zeroed in on.  As soon as I got to Zara on the day the sales started, I made a quick beeline to the section where I had been stalking this beauty but alas the pieces remaining were all in large sizes (better big sizes than small ones I always say).  Back Naijaside, a quick visit to Ahmet (my long suffering tailor who I have since reconciled with) sorted the size issue out.

Warehouse aqua blue skirt

The belt was to give the silhouette more definition and the choice of pink was to give the outfit's colour some contrast. The aqua blue skirt is from Warehouse.  

 I wore the outfit to church.

step on a crack and break your mum's back? I think not!

I like the way the peplum trend has caught on. You can find peplum tops, skirts, blazers even pants. 

closeup of skirt

Wonder if anyone can say peplum ten times without blabbing......1,2,3..go .....peplum, peplum....


Fashion Credits

Blouse:  Zara

Skirt:  Warehouse

Belt:  Accessorize

Shoes:  Next

Bag: Prada Saffiano Luxe


  1. Nice!!!Lovel combo. Have you moved back to 9ja?

  2. Thanks dearie! Yes I have......for now! We're definitely doing lunch or drinks when. Next time I'm in London. Xxx

  3. having issues viewing your blog and commenting dear

  4. Had issues earlier but it's ok now. Nice combo. Do you still have clothes in stock? I want a peplum top and sexy shoes

  5. I love this! I can see happy life :-)

  6. Just wanted 2 know, do u sell clothes? Let us know how 2 contact u if u do. Nice blog, just went thru all yr posts.

  7. Hi Seyi, thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment. Yes I sell clothes. Pls send me an email lets talk! My email addy is


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