Friday, August 23, 2013

Zara's Best Skirt Yet (Ok maybe not the best but close!)

Zara leopard print pencil skirt

Seeing that I wouldn't be traveling this year for summer (actually not bothered really except that I would miss the summer sales, my nieces and nephew...), I decided to enlist the help of my personal person Seyi of LPS ( to order and ship down some stuff for me.  Shopping for cloths online isn't really my thing, I prefer to walk down the aisles ooh and ahh 'ing at pieces that I like and taking them to the changing rooms to try them on.  It's the shopping experience that does it for me...that adrenaline rush of seeing something you like, trying it on, seeing that it fits (.....and would go with those grey harem pants you have no idea why you bought except that it was on sale!).  The aching guilt I feel at the till as I hand my debit card over and the little Smeagol voice that whispers just near my left shoulder, quietly but persuasively....

"Buts we deserves it my precioussssss"

I live for that final rush I get as I walk out of the shop convinced that I just rewarded myself for putting up with all the hardship of this life.

Anyway I placed my order and was about to finish off when I spied this hot number on Everybody that knows me knows how much I love animal prints and pencil skirts so I was shocked I almost missed it.  When my order was delivered to me by the good people of LPS, the skirt was the first item that fell out of the was everything I wished it would be and wait for this....IT HAD A FRONT SLIT! I was gobsmacked (takes a lot to shut me up fyi) and delighted! Zara totally nailed it IMHO.

I wore it to work the very next Friday with a denim shirt cinched at the waist with a belt and red pointy flats.  Remember the old post of how red loves leopard? well apparently it still does (click HERE to read post).


Two weeks later, I decided to take the skirt for another spin (I'm determined to get as much action as I can out of it) and this time I wore it to work.  I paired it with a cream shirt and red flats (not the same one as above, these ones have a cute bow in front)

My parents came into town two weeks ago, it was nice to have them around ordering my sister and I around and generally acting 'parenty'. They stayed with us for a while till dad decided he wanted to stay a while longer for a conference and moved to Eko Hotel (I suspect he wanted to get away from us three rather nosy ladies).  I went to his hotel room to 'disturb his peace' that same evening after work, I ordered room service and generally did everything I could do to annoy him.  After a while I decided to take some selfies. He caught me trying to take selifes in front of a large mirror and after watching me exasperatingly and noticing how rubbish I was at it, he decided to take the pictures himself and once he got warmed up he actually started enjoying himself and directing my poses.

Me, my sis and the dog were sad to see them leave (mum fed our dog fat) last week *sniff*


Denim Shirt:  Oasis

Belt:  River Island

Skirt:  Zara (order HERE)

Cream Shirt:  Marks and Spencer

Shoes:  Aldo and F21


  1. That skirt is indeed very lovely and the slit gives it an edgy look. I like both looks a lot and red definitely makes the skirt pop!

    In between; Your Dad is so cool...:)


    I'm inspired to pull out my leopard skirt and pair it with a white button down. FUN TIMES!

    Hehe @ your dad. My dad would totally do the same thing.

  3. Thanks Beauty! How are you? Still beautiful and stylish as ever I see!

    Berry Babes can't wait to see a post of leopard n white from you! I'm sure it'll be fierce! Dads these days

  4. That skirt is so much and even more. I love eeet! Its soooo me and you wore it so well both times.


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