Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cornflower blue with sunshine yellow

Dear Constant Reader,
I opened your email as usual with a smile and was flattered that you asked me how you could wear yellow and blue together.  Like I said in my reply to your email I'm always flattered when readers contact me and even more flattered when they ask my opinion on fashion, you see constant reader I'm a chick like you who's learning how to dress herself, matter of fact I had a blog before this one that I christened 'bexlearns2dress' cos I considered myself still learning.  I still commit fashion faux pas and try to force myself to wear trends that I know aren't my style and I've been known to squeeze myself into tight-fitting clothes like every chick I know. I guess I'm like every other girl out there, I get criticized for my fashion choices just as often as I get applauded. Putting all these aside just for you dear Constant Reader, I'm doing a blue meets yellow post, hope you get inspired

To balance out the fierceness of the yellow shirt and blue trousers, I decided to wear black shoes.

Best pic ever!!

Fashion Credit

Shirt:  Next

Trousers:  Next

Shoes:  Aldo

P.S. Shout out to London Personal Shopper (LPS) for helping me order and ship the items I'm wearing on this post. Major shout out to Joy who told me that my blog has inspired her and sent this pic of her working the monochrome trend! Well executed Joy......and btw, your shoes are to die for!



  1. Wow! We got a shout out!!!! *dancing around my house topless* Thanks Bex for your patronage x


    When I see you and other fashion bloggers, I feel so unadventurous because I think I hardly wear colors :(

    I wanro be a fashionista too! *wails*


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