Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sister Sister

Hurray!  My bloggers block is over!  What this means for me is that I'm back to blogging full time! I'm practically doing cartwheels and dancing azonto.  I'm practically brimming with new ideas and looking out at the world with fresh pair of eyes.  Anyway, while waiting for Friday to come with it's promise of fried (if given an option I'll like mine grilled thank you very much) ram meat.  Getting Sallah meat can be tough as most of my muslim friends know why I get overly friendly during Eid. I'm determined to eat my fill this year, I will show up at my muslim friends houses  uninvited and help myself to delicious ram meat. Ha! So if you're a muslim, you live in Lagos and you're my friend and your ram (or rams are) is tied and bleating helplessly in your backyard be rest assured I will drop by! T.J I see you o! 

Cream Linen Dress from Next

Jess and I decided to have a sisters day out yesterday.  We made plans to catch a movie and do dinner (or do dinner and watch a movie), as usual it took Jess a loooooong time to get dressed.  I picked a cream linen dress I'd being dying to wear and cinched my waist in with a leopard print belt (crappy camera did not capture the awesomeness of the belt).  I wore a mid-heel yellow and grey sandals and accessorised with a charm necklace (pictured below)

Charm necklace from Accessorize

 We had dinner at Double 44 at The Palms in Lekki (I think it used to be called Caffe Vergnano). It was a relaxed chilled out evening and the food was awesome.

We watched The Dictator which left us in stitches.  Sacha Baron Cohen is mega talented (You'll love the dictator if you loved Borat, thank God he didn't think to wear the horrid neon green mankini!). It's right up your street if you like dirty, slapstick comedy.

 I had a nice time hanging out with my sister.  I would love to go on a girls only holiday with all my sisters.  I love them sooooooo much (I love my brother too ;-) ).


Fashion Credit

Dress:  Next

Shoes: Aldo

Belt:  River Island

Charm Necklace:  Accessorize

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