Monday, October 22, 2012

Camo: To wear or not to wear.....

C’mon lets be real here, there are some trends that we’d sworn to ourselves we’d never rock but have found ourselves hopping on the merry bandwagon like everyone else and buying different colours, prints or variations  of it! I swore I’d never get on the floral print truck.  I sneered at  fashionistas wearing all kinds floral (sometimes fruity) prints  and IMO looking like human table clothes or my grannys curtains.  I was shocked when I found myself eyeing a particularly spectacular floral print blazer in Zara (maybe ‘cos it was on sale!). Well there’s a new trend in town that is cool but there's an aspect of it i dont like.  It's the military trend of last summer that is spilling into this season.  I love me a lovely military inspired jacket (like Kim K's Balmain jacket below) and army green (as worn by one of my fave bloggers below, click Here to visit her blog).

Kim Kardashian's Balmain military jacket

 While I don't mind incorporating military inspired items into my outfits, one thing I know is I’d never wear anything in camo print. Yes I’ll never ever never ever wear anything in camo! I noticed the trend like a couple of months ago and silently prayed it’ll fade away but instead of dying a quick death like I thought it has grown somewhat stronger.  I didn’t want to talk about it initially but I got the shock of my life when I saw Joan Rivers wearing a camo print jacket on Fashion Police (sorry I wasn’t quick enough to take a picture of it)! Yes you read me right…Joan Rivers! It’s ok for chicks like Rita Ora and Rihanna but not Joan (I totally adore her btw). My bloggers block disappeared in an instant as I quickly snatched up my laptop and got typing!

I admit I’ve worn camo print in the past. I remember buying a camo print tank top in uni. It was 1998 and camo was everywhere and we even had a camo and combat themed show in school.  I thought I looked  the bees knees till a friend I will not name showed up in a party  I was at wearing a camo print maxi dress with a slit in front that went all up to her navel paired with the same camo patterned hotpants! I know it’s a lot to process but back then I thought it was hawt (I think she paired it with boots too). Anyway gist later came out that she had a slight run in with some soldiers on her way back from the party (I’m not sure if it was the camo print that got them pissed or the very hawt outfit….).

Anyway so I saw this picture below of Amber Rose wearing a camo jumpsuit with a leather sleeveless jacket and black boots and I think it's hideous. 

Amber Rose wearing a camo print jumpsuit

I suppose it's not so bad if worn correctly (and in moderation). The very stylish blogger of atlantic-pacific shows us how it's done in two ways

I like how she effortlessly made it feminine by wearing a black mini skirt and accessorizing with that uber-cool Chanel brooch!

She redefines casual chic by wearing camo print skinnies with a denim jacket.  I just love her style (and wardrobe)!

In the picture below, Beyonce went all out military (sans boots) with her man courtside.  I like how she softened her ensemble with those sexy heels.

I suspect I'm going to get a lot of stick for declaring my distate for camoflague, I expect a lot of statements like 'don't diss it till you try it' and 'speak for yourself I'm un-retiring my camo shorts from the 90's' and such but it's all good.  I'm sure you guys have trends that you hate and won't be caught dead wearing, if you do, lemme know and maybe we can work together on a post about it!



  1. Camo is a must if you really want to keep up with the latest fashion trend, you can wear a jacket or pant containing military prints, these designs can be found in many other clothing accessories also.

  2. Thankfully I'm not a slave to every fashion trend. LOL. I'm thinking of buying a camo skinny jeans though...


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