Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Best Halloween Costume Ever!

Happy Halloween People!

Guess everyone knows today is Halloween which is a great time for folks to dress up in the most creative, weirdest, outrageous and sometimes senseless outfits.

Unfortunately, I won't be playing dress up but if given the chance I'd love to dress up as Jessica Rabbit (pictured below) complete with red hair, dress and gloves!  That would shock quite a few people I know (*cough*).

Jessica Rabbit

My best halloween costumes were worn by these two pictured below.  They showed by at a gig as Chanel 2.55 and Birkin bags!  I absolutely love it!  Talk about making a fashion statement!!!! I wonder where they got the costumes from..... 

Kimye made a 'splash' dressed up as a mermaid and sailor at a halloween party

Diddy and his main squeeze Cassie dressed up as Prince and Cleopatra

If I was having a halloween party and invited you what would you come as?



  1. Hmmm...let's see..I'd probably come as Catwoman whipping my lash along the way..meow!

  2. I bet someone will show up as a lion tamer (part time catwoman tamer) and whip you.......

  3. @ Zee, Kim beat you to Catwoman though

  4. @Bex, but this will be Zee (a luscious black woman) as Catwoman..heehee!


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