Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Androgyny Twister

I was watching a video of Janelle Monae a couple of days ago and was reminded of my little girl-crush (I’m straighter than an arrow, no homo).  I’ve always been a fan of the Gender Bender look and if there's one person who does androgynous well it's Ms Monae.  She makes it look effortless.  Being a bit curvy I have come to the (not so shocking) realization that I cannot do androgynous like Monae or Stella Tennant (who is so rake thin that at times her sex is indistinguishable when she dresses up in men’s clothing). Fortunately, being curvy has not stopped me from trying to adapt certain elements of certain trends to suit my body type.

Being a girly girl at heart, I decided to soften the look by adding certain feminine elements.  Since the look is kinda austere and minimal I decided to stick to monochrome. To take severity off the black and white ensemble, I decided to wear my brightest red lipstick and a whole lotta blush than I usually wear. Instead of wearing tailored trousers with my crispy white shirt, I opted for a lace skirt and accesorized with a lacy bowtie (which is actually hairpiece! Nothing wrong with a little improvisation) to give the look some dose of femininity.

Instead of wearing oxfords or brogues I decided to wear a pair of black high heel lace-up shoes (and yes I tottered around like I was walking on stilts for most of the day but it was well worth it!). 

I figured wearing a hat with my outfit would have being an overkill….too bad I don’t have a bouffant hairdo like Janelle Monae *Insert dreamy look emoticon*

Thanks for all the comments and emails.  For further enquires feel free to email me on ijawgal@yahoo.com

Bex (with the sore ankle)

Fashion Credits
Shirt:  Marks and Spencer

Bowtie (Hairpiece):  Topshop

Skirt:  Marina Kaneva

Shoes:  Aldo


  1. Love d way everything just worked out for good.u look splendid.guess d hat would have killed it too....bravo! bolaji thompson


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