Thursday, May 03, 2012

Metallics, Sequins and all that Glitter!

Seems like the shine shine trend is gonna be all the rage this year. Fashion forward fashionistas and celebs have started putting their best shiny foot forward by rocking outfits that are all bright and sparkly.  I personally don't think much of Kimora's personal style (hope she never reads this o. That women scares me) but this picture of her wearing a sequin frock with pointy toe Loubies and a simple clutch was so good I just had to share.  Its elegant, simple and classy. Sans frou frou!

 if there's one person I abso-lute-ly admire is Solange. Solange...where do I start? Aside from being uber stylish and avant garde in her fashion choices she is absolutely gorgeous. I love her personal style and how she effortlessly owns every look she puts together. Having a gorgeous head of hair with curls helps as well.  I think Beyonce should ask Solange if she can spare her stylist.  Big sis could take a leaf from her younger sibling.  Below Solange is Gucci'd up from head to toe.  I love her metallic animal print jacket, silk top and the white, black and bronze mini skirt is to die for. She finished her Gucciness with the Ophelie T-strap sandal. Wish I had a bucked-up older sister (Solange works for her own money I heard. hmmmm)

In the spirit of clashing everything from patterns, colours, texture etc, Rihanna has proven again that she is fearless, fierce and not afraid to break all the rules by clashing two metals together. Her top is gold with the cute red ribbon and her pants are silver.  I like the way she downplayed the otherwise contrasting metals by wearing a black coat, black shoes and carrying a black bag! It kinda pulls everything together so its not overbearing on the senses.  She gets top marks from me for this look.  Unfortunately, I can't same say same about her new hairdo.  The Do is very trendy but from someone who's saving every strand of hair on her head (ME) it's a defo no! no! Nobody is touching the small strands that have managed to sprout from my head after years of pampering and treatments!  Can't wait to see RiRi's new movie Battleship. Heard she did her own stunts (ITK).

Kim K led the pack last year by wearing a sequin blazer.  This is my fave picture of her.  Wonder who she was BB'ing while her stylist was busy trying to find a fitting earring. I'll wager she was either bb'ing Kanye or updating her status message (which I think would have been something like 'Mr. West just left my building *wink**wink*').

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  1. Good job,love sequins

  2. Kim is a beautiful woman sha! last night i was searching for wat to wear with my wide leg pants and i saw a picture of Kim wearing one....her was practically non existent. I tried to pull of the look but lets not even go there...

  3. @Anon, I think I've gotten overly initial 'initial' dislike for sequins. Just got a gold sequined jacket and can't wait to rock it. Will post pics when I do.

    @Ladylike, Kims body is banging! I've tried to hate her like everyone else but just cannot. What happened when you wore the wide-legged pants? Send pics!


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