Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Teal Weekend (2)

 Remember Teal weekend no.1?  Well I remembered that all part 1's have to have part 2.  Luckily for me this past weekend I decided to break out an old faithful. My teal coloured blouse from Next.  On its own the blouse is kinda funny and unstructured.  I bought it 'cos of the colour.  I remember staring at it on the rack and wondering how lumpy I was going to look.  It didn't look like it had a lot of prospect till I bought it and took it home and cinched it all in with a belt. Voila! I think it's not bad at all. Above is a picture of me wearing it in January.

I decided to accessorize with this bib-necklace thingy to make the blouse seem more interesting and used a thin gold belt to cinch my waist in. I love bib-necklaces because they can make an otherwise simple (or boring) top or dress look interesting.  An 'just-there' T-shirt or tank top would look amazing with one. I'm glad I invested in one! Pictured below are some nice ones!

 Wish I could have them all!

I threw on a pair of comfy skinny jeans

 Wore a beige coloured pair of heels and I was ready to go! 

P.s. Sorry if I don't seem my perky self.  It's 4.35am.  Nobody is funny or amusing (I'm assuming I am o) at this ungodly hour.   Please feel free to follow this blog. Comments are appreciated and emails work a treat just as well.


Fashion Credit

Blouse:  Next

Jeans:  Select

Shoes:  Barrats

Bib-Necklace:  Dorothy Perkins

Belt: River Island (it came with a jumpsuit)


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