Saturday, May 19, 2012

Maxi Skirt: MaxiFest (Day 1 & 2)

I love maxis! Maxi dresses and maxi skirts just do it me.  At the risk of looking like a prairie chick I have paired floor grazing maxi skirts with buttoned up shirts, maxi dresses with western styled denim jackets etc.  I like my maxi's extra long and if it's long enough to have a train trailing behind me even better! With the rains fast approaching, I figured it would be a good time to wear the life out of my maxis before the floods around Lagos make it unreasonable to wear (to be honest flood and muddy puddles have never stopped me in the past).

In honour of the maxi, I decided to wear maxis for a whole week.  This post is about my week long 'maxifest'.  Day 1 was kinda easy, I wore my fave maxi skirt that I got it from a sample sale so there's no brand name on it.  It's floral patterned and has a shiny champagne coloured background which I like.

 I decided to wear a belt with the skirt because I never get pants or skirts that fit the hip and waist so most times I have to get the waist of most outfits taken in to get the fit I want (My tailor mysteriously moved away without leaving a forwarding address, I'm sure I'm the only customer that didn't get a text message containing his new address.  Dude got tired of doing just amendments and having me yell at him to take an extra inch off my skirt. Ahmed if you ever read this? I'm sorry I stomped off the last time, I know you hardly speak English and I don't speak French but whats so hard understanding "three inches off?").

I wore a cowl neck cream neck with a rather distracting neckline (wink) and to draw away attention from my twins, I wore a statement necklace pictured below (I know it's missing a gemstone somewhere but you all don't expect me to bin if because of that!)

I held the waist together with a red belt and further accessorized with a straw tribly, brown weave flat sandals and a brown messenger bag. 

Following the success of the floral skirt the day before, I decided to give it another spin in day 2.  This time I paired it with a black chiffon sleeveless collared shirt (they seem to be sooooo in these days. Next time I go shopping, I'll buy one of those contrast ones that have a different coloured collar from the rest of the shirt. Click to check out this cute one here).

 I accessorized with my fave Niger Delta bowler hat (Ha Izon!) and the shoes I wore the day before.  The pièce de résistance for me was the detachable collar I wore with the top.  Below is a close up of it.

I decided to do a 2-part post so I'll be posting the second part of my maxi-week in a couple of hours.

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Fashion Credits:

First Outfit

Skirt:  Unknown

Cream Blouse:  River Island

Belt:  Dorothy Perkins

Hat: Matalan

Necklace:  Accessorize

Sandals:  Next

Second Outfit

Blouse:  Select

Hat:  Next

Necklace:  Can't remember (maybe Dorothy Perkins)

Ring:  Accessorize


  1. Luvd the combination...:) :) will try some :)

  2. I luvd the combination :) will try some :) :)


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