Friday, May 25, 2012

Maxi Fest (Day 3, 4 and 5)

Hello (trying to tear my eyes away from Her Royal Gorgeousness....Beyonce!).  Sorry the second part of MaxiFest is coming this late reason was because my internet was down for all of yesterday.  Life has been good since I dropped my former provider and I'm using Swift Broadband the only reliable broadband service in Nigeria.  

I can't begin to explain how Bey's outfit has me going all hot and bothered! I mean who else can wear a skirt made up of pieces of rags (Joseph would have been envious, I'm sure his coat of many colours didn't have this much colours).  I guess it would have bombed if it was someone else wearing it but Beyonce gave it that certain ooomph! I love the top, the sunglasses, the bag, the shoes and let's not forget the hat! I like the bright colours and how she used black accessories to make it all pleasing to the eyes. Way to go Mama Blue Ivy!

Maxi Day 3:

Maxi dress with cropped denim jacket
Day 3 had me wearing tube maxi dress, my fave denim jacket (the one I wrote a whole post about, remember the one I thought I'd lost and then found?), a messenger bag and aviator sunnies).

I love the giant patterns on the dress and it doesn't hurt that it's extra long too.

Maxi Day 4: The full skirted maxi

Full skirted maxi with t-shirt

Growing up, I was your typical jeans and t-shirt girl till I started filling out and started wearing dresses and skirts. These days, I hardly wear jeans and t-shirts like I used to.  Funny thing is I still buy them but I think aside from the skinnnies, the only other jeans I wear has to be the bootcut I got from Zara that is very flattering. Maybe I should sell the jeans I have in my closet, they just occupy a whole section of my wardrobe.....(naira, dollars and pound signs going off like works in my minds eye). Deep down, I'm still the gawky, skinny teenager with huge glasses so maybe that's why I still try to incorporate my earlier style with my present one.  In the picture above, I'm wearing a t-shirt with a full skirted maxi, a black belt and my old faithful weather beaten bowler hat.

Maxi Day 6: The Sheer Maxi

Python print sheer maxi skirt

Too bad the picture doesn't do justice to this awesome sheer wonder! The skirt comes in a python print is very sheer and has pink accents. The skirt has a short white inner lining so it didn't look trashy.  I wore the skirt with a cute silky cream shirt with lovely lacy frills in front, cinched it all in with a brown braided belt and my fave mid heels and viola!

Close-up on the material

Sheer maxis- Dorothy Perkins

I had a lovely week trying to think of different ways to wear my maxis. I'm not out of ideas but I'd be grateful to hear from you.  Send me emails or just write your suggestions in the comments page.  If you're not too shy, you can send a picture of your fabulous self wearing your maxis and I'll put them up. For tips on how to wear maxis you can check out this link


Fashion Credits

Day 3
Maxi Dress:  Select

Denim Jacket:  Forever 21

Flats:  Aldo

Messenger Bag:  Barratts

Day 4
T-shirt:  Zara

Skirt:  Next

Belt: Next (From a dress)

Hat:  Next

Bag:  Aldo

Day 5
Top:  Miss Selfridges

Skirt:  Influence

Shoes:  New Look

Belt:  Dorothy Perkins


  1. Veeeeery nice girl! I'm feeling the maxi-theme :-)) I have a black maxi skirt but I haven't found the right top to go with it (my next I also really love the print maxi skirts but haven't come across any really outstanding ones in the shops I've been here in Lag.

    Keep the posts coming girl! I'm already hungry for more....

  2. Hi Zee!!! Glad you like the post! What's the style of your maxi? Is it straight or flared? Sheer or printed? You can wear it with a printed cute blouse, a belt and wedges or flat. Don't worry I'll be traveling soon so I'll hook you up!

  3. Yayyyyy! I can't wait!

    It's flared and it is black. I crave for a lovely printed one though to make a statement with.

  4. @ Becks, do you sell clothes? I'm interested o

  5. Yes I sell clothes. send me an email on for orders and more info.

  6. Beckkkky I. Love dis. Sooo much. I got this lovely orange maxi dress but am always confused as to d shoe to wear with it! Can I wear long maxi dress with heels or should I go with flats, your opinion is highly needed. Thnks dami glo

  7. @ Dami, thanks dear fr dropping by! You can wear maxis with heels or flat! I send you some pics to show you


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