Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Whats in my handbag?

I guess every female blogger worth her salt has to one time or the other do the obligatory whats-in-my-handbag blog post.  The thought of showing the contents of my bag has been giving me mini nightmares. I'm one of those people who throw everything into their handbags. 'Everything' include things like wadded up tissues, chewing gum wrappers, year-old receipts and grubby handkerchiefs. Well to do this post I had to carry out a mini sanitation day on my handbag and minutes later I was able to separate the useful and regular stuff from the thrash I had been lugging about for a while now.  I can tell you for free that my handbag felt lighter afterwards.


 I guess the next step is listing and possibly describing all the stuff stashed in the bag.  To make it easier, I'm going to start clockwise:

* Barrel brush: To brush my hair (obvs). I'm rocking pin-straight locks at the moment and I find it easier to brush my hair with the barrel brush than a paddle one.

* Powder Brush

* Strepsils: currently nursing a sore throat at the moment

* Check Book: Every business person has to walk around with theirs right?

* Bodyshop passion fruit body butter: Smells great and the best moisturizer when you're on the go  and your skin feels dry.  

* Glasses case

* Lip and Eye pencils

* Sleek Blush in a shade I can't remember

* Hands-free:  Can't begin to say how important it is to not talk directly into your mobile phone while driving.  Get one if you don't have one! Its cheap.

* Mac Powder Studio Fix: Best powder out there and you can take that to the bank!

* Wallet: This Guess wallet has served me for 3 years now. It's got most of my cards and complimentary cards (ahem!) in it.

* Mascara: Its from L'Oreal and its one of those two-step affairs where you use a primer first and then the mascara proper afterwards.  Its the best because the mascara wand is like a little comb instead of a brush and believe me it picks up every lash strand.

* L'Oreal nude lipstick

* Sleek and Vaseline cocoa-butter lip-balm

* Lipsticks: The Mac lipstick shade is called 'Girl around Town' I feel flirty when I wear it. The other one is a bright red affair from Seven.

* Coin/loose change bag

* Next Diary: I promised myself I was going to keep a diary for 2012 and of course I am yet to make a single entry. Tsk tsk.

* Makeup bag: Contains all the goodies.  It's got everything in there but the kitchen sink

* Contact Lens: I am really short-sided and wear contacts most of the time.  If you wear prescription contacts please keep a spare pair and your glasses handy.  I remember this one time that I was driving at night and I had this sudden itch in my eye and in the process of scratching it, my contacts came off! Good thing I had my glasses in my bag!

* Hand sanitizer: Need I say more?

* Car keys: My keyholder is a cute race-car driver in an orange overall and helmet.  I got it from Playmobil in Malta.  It reminds me of happier times.....*sniff*sniff*

* Sunglasses case: My fave pair of sunnies.


I guess the final bit in the show-whats-in-your-bag post is talking about the bag itself.  My bag du jour is the Louis Vuitton GM Neverfull, after months of saving, I decided to get it for myself as a present early this year.  The Neverfull is actually never full, as it manages to house my mags, ipad and whatever book I'm reading at the moment without any problems.  Money well spent if you ask me.

Well there you go.  Glad to have this post over and done with.



  1. B honest! U just 1ted 2 show off yer bag! Who d hell does a whats IN yer bag post n puts up a pic of a shiny new LB bag? Bleh!

  2. Hi Moniker, thanks for taking time out to read and comment. I think you're referring to my LV bag. She's a beauty isn't she? Here are a couple of blogs with BAG and CONTENT posts I love. Have fun reading them and do read and comment on my other posts! Xxx


  3. Bex you won't be damned for showing ur LV bag.....make no excuses/defense! Your doing a good job here. Love your blog...very useful tips!! @ Moniker, for some people, these things are normal (designers). You would get there!


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