Friday, March 22, 2013

Bonded Lace Skirt

I've been getting stick from a lot of readers for posting only indoor pictures lately, I know I should diversify but as every blogger knows, getting people to take pictures of you is pretty tough, some lucky bloggers have turned their boyfriends/husbands into photographers and others hire professional photogs but as yours sincerely doesn't have any of the listed available, I work with what I have.....Blessing the office assistant in my office.  Aside from shaky hands, Blessing is quite good and lately she has taken to directing the shots, creating scenarios and touching up my makeup! 

I decided to dig up my bonded lace skirt after seeing the picture below of my older sister on her blackberry display picture.  Marcella owns Marcellas Boutique in Port Harcourt, its at 73 Evo Road GRA 2, Port Harcourt.  

Marcella paired hers with a blush coloured top with a sequined collar.  Taking inspiration from big sis, I hunted mine down and rocked it with a blue back slit top and red pointy heels

I really like the frill at the bottom of the skirt though I was a bit worried I'd look funny with frills on my top and on the bottom as well but I think it turned out well.

Fashion Credit

Top:  Zara

Skirt:  Dorothy Perkins

Shoes:  Zara


  1. Baby, you too fine oo! Love the cobalt blue top.

  2. I say yet again Bex; you definitely got some style!

    I love the way you play with colors and they come out really great. This is a beautiful color combo Sis!

  3. Thanks Beauty, Thanks Zee

  4. you look very fine in this skirt. I like the last pic! Beautiful shape! Bootylishus! lol
    anon 23:55


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