Friday, March 15, 2013

Swing away!

I love girlie stuff, girlie stuff like frills, lace, pink, bows, flowers and cotton candy. To a great extent, this reflects on my dressing as I would rather wear a dress or a skirt over pants and shorts.  There are times when I get my dude on and wear trousers, shirts, blazers and oxford lace-ups but I'm primarily a girlie girl.  

I dug up this grey swing dress that hadn't seen any action since 2010, it was what I wore on for graduation (since it was in the dead of winter I wore a black turtleneck jumper underneath it, tights and knee-high boots).  It was a bit breezy that particular day and the wind kept raising the full skirts of the dress up.  I threw the dress somewhere dark that day and vowed never to wear it again and I didn't until yesterday,  I woke up a tad bit late yesterday morning and as usual didn't have anything to wear (maybe I should scratch that and say I couldn't make up my mind what to wear).

After trying on a couple of dresses and deciding I looked horrid in them I just grabbed this and cinched it in with a belt and hey presto my OOTD was born. Accessorising wasn't so easy 'cause I wanted something to give the grey dress a little colour, In a frantic rush to get out of the house I finally picked this bib necklace and Bobs your uncle!

For more pop of colour, I wore this cute pointy red flats with a bow in front (I've still got the shoes in stock so if you're interested in getting a pair just shoot me an email on

I want to thank you all for the continued support.  Thanks for the emails, BB messages, comments on this blog and on my personal FB page. For people that have asked about my makeup routine, I'm currently working on that particular post so watch this space!



Dress:  Zara

Necklace Bib:  Cant rememeber, maybe Accessorize or Dorothy Perkins...

Shoes:  Forever 21

Belt:  Forever 21

Bag:  Guess


  1. Hi Bex! Wonderful work u're doing there. U won't know how much u've inspired my dressence. Never knew or believed one could go with different colors of shoe & bag at the same time, I was always matching my shoes and bags....old fashioned way...hahaha!...funny....kudos dear.

  2. You look nice and definitely got some style...**Kisses!**

  3. @ Laura, thanks for the nice words!!! So glad to know my little attempts at style are inspiring to you! I have never been comfortable with the 'to match' thingy to be honest. I like my colours to compliment each other rather than being matchy matchy!

    @ Beauty, thanks babes!!!!!!!!! and *kisses*

  4. The shoes..grrrrrrr!


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