Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Blue Bex


So I was though my wardrobe and trying to find something to wear with this cobalt blue blazer and I stumbled on one of last season scarf print shirt ( click here for previous scarf print shirt post ).  Now I love trends and if my pocket allows, I try to follow the sensible ones but I don't see any reason why I should stop wearing an item because it's no longer trendy.  I'm not a fan of vintage but if I see a dress from the 40's or a shoulder-padded blouse from the 80's heaven knows I'll wear it as long as I like it and it fits!

Forever 21 blue blazer

Anyway, I decided to wear the shirt with my blue blazer as the shirt has accents of blue in it.

Zara Scarf print shirt

I obeyed my tailor and buttoned all the way to my neck, slipped on a pair of pointy red pumps (very comfortable btw) accessorised with a red glass bead necklace, blue bag and a short stack of arm candy.

One of my best buys this year has to be the bun maker (you can get it from H&M).  It's so easy to use and gives you a chic bun in two minutes with minimal fuss!  I love my extensions just like the next girl but I've decided to give my own hair some breathing space and I think I might rock my own tresses for a bit longer than I planned to.

Prada Saffiano Bag

I'm not usually a matchy-matchy person when it comes to colour coordinating, I prefer pairing colours that compliment each other but like most fashion rules, nothing is set in stone so I decided to break out the blues and wore a navy blue skirt. As long as one chooses different shades of the same colour one should be fine.

Fashion Credit:

Blazer:  Forever 21

Shirt:  Zara

Skirt:  Zara

Shoes:  Zara

Arm Candy:  Lipsy, Juicy Couture

Bag:  Prada

Necklace:  Can't remember

Watch:  Moschino


  1. cute outfit,love the blazer! you look great

  2. Lovely!!!That is a bag of life!!!

  3. u look great babe
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  4. I love the look,very chic and classy

  5. Thanks Moda, LPS, Virginia and Freda!!!!!

  6. Wow, great outfit!

  7. Looooooove this you, xoxo Jess

  8. Looooooove this you, xoxo Jess


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