Friday, March 01, 2013

Heart Made of Studs

Hi all,
If you live or work on the Ikoyi/Victoria Island/Lekki axis then yesterday must have been pure hell for you.  Traffic was bad! I mean bad-to-the-bone kinda bad.  It took me nearly two hours to get from Dolphin Estate to Golden Gate restaurant yesterday! A drive of tops 5 minutes on a normal day o.  After playing both CDs of Life After Death and sneakily playing Candy Crush on my phone while waiting for the car in front of me to move a few inches forward, I decided I had had it and I made a right into Awolowo Road and drove straight to Swe Bar. Luckily it was Thursday live band night so I quietly sat down in a corner nursing a double Barcadi and Coke while the Ebony band played everyone's fave Naija songsw. I stayed there till 11pm when I was sure the evil spirit that was causing the traffic had been cast out and wearily drove home.

 Anyway the reason for the long gist is that I want to talk about how being under pressure can turn out to be a good thing.  I woke up very late this morning (I'm never late to never ever ever late, infact sometimes I get to work a full 2 hours before work officially starts) and didn't have a clue what to wear. After a horribly cold shower I just grabbed this cardie pulled on this jeans, forced my foot into my trusty red suede flats and dashed out!  I was shocked (pleasantly of course!) when a colleague told me she liked my outfit (hence the decision to this here post).

 Normally I wear this cardie over another item of clothing to keep warm but today I decided to make it a top and pulled up the sleeves.  My red suede flats has been everywhere with me in every imaginable condition and she still looks like she still has a lot of mileage left, I love the heart shape on top with the sprinkle of studs on it.  I would buy an extra pair if I ever find one again! Money well spent right thurr!

I accessorised with a charm necklace, a wooden ring (yes wooden....its made of wood) and a charm bracelet and this gorgeous Cappuccino coloured bag (the leather is so supple).

Accessorize chram necklace

I can't explain why I'm drawn to animal print, I think it's my fave print.  Maybe I should try incorporating stripes and floral prints into my outfits.....

Office red heart stud flats

Fashion Credit:

Cardigan:  Zara

Jeans:  River Island

Shoes:  Office

Bag:  DKNY

Necklace:  Accessorize


  1. Wow!!!What year did you get the cardi? I want!!!Love the look! hmmm this traffic matter so...

  2. Sweety the cardi is from Zara. Its soo comfy funny thing I didn't melt under the sweltering African sun. The traffic na die!

  3. Got the cardi last year Dec. Thanks for the compliment. Your blog has exploded! New posts everyday! Way to go!


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