Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rule Breaker: Pink and Red!

 Remember when it was a taboo to pair colours like red and pink or green and blue together? Remember that chick you accused of colour rioting when she boldly showed up at work wearing a blue skirt and a green top?  Well guess the joke is on you now Miss!!!

Thanks to the color blocking trend that we have seen hit the red carpet in 2011, it is now appropriate for people to wear pink and red together.

Emma Stone, Zoe Saldana and SPJ rocking red and pink!

How To Rock Red and Pink

Tone It Down: Use black, metallics or neutrals to help chill a seemingly contradicting color combo. Don't go overboard by matching your outfit to red and pink accessories.

Play: Give this style a chance by experimenting with what you have in your closet and shopping for complementary hues in stores. Don't wait until Monday morning before work to try it out.

Harmonize: Try wearing solid pieces in pinks and reds of the same brightness or intensity to create balance. Don't mix prints of red and pink together–that's just asking for trouble.

 I wore a red skirt and a pink blouse.  I decided to wear a tri-coloured pair of shoes and picked a brown bag.  

Zara brown shopper bag

Zara tri-coloured pumps


Blouse:  Primark

Skirt:  Collection

Shoes:  Zara

Bag:  Zara

Necklace:  Accessorize


  1. lovely combo! your shoes are hot!

  2. Beautiful color combination; I love the shoes and brown bag with the outfit.

  3. Ў☺ΰ look yum yum Sweerie,i ℓ♥√ع the colour combination n d accessories.Go sweerie ў☺ΰ rock!


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